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Castle of Cagliostro or anything Lupin is good even with the lack of mecha.

The Patlabor series is the best mecha series IMO.
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The Rurouni Kenshin OAVs are really good and Gundam, as said before.
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anything Rouroni Kenshin, Cowboy Bebop as sombody already said is easily the most enjoyable Anime/Manga out there, Since it has everything there's always somthing you'd enjoy in it.
Full Metal Panic <- an offbeat Mecha
G Gundam <- not many people I've met have liked this (dunno' about people on this board) But I personaly found this to be the best along with Wing
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Originally Posted by SenshiNaka
This thread could even help, see what peoples favorites are and check em out. Not that just because other people like them you will but most people on this board have good tastes.
Yeah, as I have been reading I have been pretty surprised at the level of maturity and detailed responses that many of the members make. I will definitely give that thread a look over.
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Seeing how you have already seen two of the best anime movies ever, Akira and Ghost In The Shell, I can only tell you that you have set yourself up for a big letdown, since there are very few anime titles that belong in the same league let alone compete with it. So I'll only reocommend ones that are similar in quality.

Macross the movie: DYRL is by far the best anime movie I've ever seen, alongside Akira in my opinion, and you MUST see this as it represents the epitome of anime making in the 80's. Every scene is so visually cool and stunning that you'll find yourself in a multiple viewing mode for a while. This is what mecha anime is about, very cool combat scenes, best I've ever seen. They only have it as an import DVD, but bootlegs are out there cheap. The series is also quite entertaining, but the quality is vastly down compared to the movie, but not really bad considering the time it was made. There are tons more cool combat scenes waiting for you. Macross Plus is also a nice series, but besides the combat scenes, it falls short in story and character design, overall DYRL is far superior product.

For Gundam I can only recommend the following movies, MSG III:Encounters in space, Gundam F91, and Gundam-Char's Counter Attack. All three are highly entertaining and visually very top notch. The series variety are quite inferior in my opinion, and the story is quite redundant, with an emphasis on not-as-well chereographed combats than the movies. You could say that the series are geared more for kids, not very intellectual.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a good series, and will leave a mental scar in your memory bank, but it's really not a mecha anime, and combat scenes are more of a sideshow and the series treats it as so. The focal point of the series is about the plot, and the characters. It's truly a one of a kind sci-fi suspense drama with a touch of comic relief mixed in. However, you must check out the End of Evangelion movie to complete the saga, as the movie really does give you a blow that you won't find in the series, and ends the saga that is different than the series. (tv series ending is for kids) The movie is a top 5 anime film of all time in my book, very high quality, and there's a combat scene that will just amaze you, and the music score being played during it is quite hauntingly peaceful. Overall NGE will leave you a biggest impact in your mind because it's very psychological in makeup.

Those are the top tier ones, the rest are pretty much up to what appeals to you. I also recommend Bubble Gum Crisis (OVA series), Aura Battler Dunbine (a great series that has it all), Megazone23 Part 1 & 2, Laputa-Castle in the sky, and since you liked Ghost In The Shell, you might want to check out Patlabor movies, they are done by the same director, and has the same makeup of a moody feel and a socio-political message on technology.

Many people have mentioned Cowboy Bebop, I highly recommend the movie, but I don't recommend the series, they are vastly different in content, and the series lacks a plot, and it's really not a mecha anime, just a sci-fi adventure, but not really, it doesn't have that much action in it, just a lot of sarcastic dialogue. I found it to be a bore, and not very memorable.

RahXephon is top grade in quality, but lacks in plot and character development. Mechas are not really cool looking, just weird, so the only redeeming thing for a mecha anime fan to look forward to is the combat, but they are also weird. NGE was smart about keeping the combat stuff as a sideshow as it didn't really seem worthy of a priority spotlight, however RahXephon attempts to not only treat combat scenes as a priority, they treat the mecha itself as a priority, ahead of the human characters, so in my opinon RahXephon is just a visual eyecandy at the most. I suggest you check out the movie version first to see if it interests you enough, the movie version is a condensed one of the series with a few new footage.

Vandread is a series you'll either like or don't want to bother with, as CGI was used thoroughly. Combat scenes are all CGI, and they are more of a circus show than a realistic combat, so you are not missing much here. Other than that I think the quality is ok, but overall doesn't interest me as the good ones. Beware of fanservice as well.

That pretty much covers the mecha anime genre.

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