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Conan the Future Boy is a better adventure anime than Cowboy Bebop

Conan the Future Boy is possibly one of the great classics created by no other than Hayao Miyazaki himself, and probably the standout anime series that put his stamp on the anime kingdom as you see exist today.

As most of Miyazaki's creations remain timeless masterpieces of anime, Conan the Future Boy is a great example of a story being way ahead of its times. The presentation is just awe inspiring, as well as hypnotic, as you get emersed in this post-apocalyptic future world where humans are devoid of any humanity and sadistically enslaved by a tyrant with ambitions that have caused the demise of the civilization itself in the first place. Then you meet this boy who symbolizes hope and faith of humanity, and faces constant adversity and odds stacked against him yet comes through with sheer human will and spirit (yes, no beam rifles or magic here). The action sequences are out of this world, and tingles your human spirit with enough adrenaline that before you know it, you are pulling for Conan side by side. Action scenes are so dynamic, engaging, and suspenseful that it's like watching a great magician doing his trick, Conan is truly a character that can do anything if he puts his mind to it, and the creative improvisations are so daring that you can't help but enjoy it for his humorous approach. Lupin III is also a character who reminds me of being a master improvisationist when it comes to fast, reckless action scenes, but Conan is by far the best at it hands down. Conan the Future Boy is still the best adventure series out there in my mind, and I just wonder why a series like Cowboy Bebop is such an adventure when it doesn't even have as great action as Conan the Future Boy.
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You really have a problem with Cowboy Bebop, don't you? Why not start a thread in the CB forum detailing your complaints with the series rather than repeatedly comparing it to others in individual threads?
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I can't stand people like you that have an instrinsic flaw to constantly compare anime for no reason. Let people enjoy what they like and not worry about whether it's as good or worse as something.
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This thread is HUGE!!

Needs people like Westlo to fatten it up

And, Drizzten gives good advice. Take it.
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This thread is HUGE!!

Originally Posted by Newtype05
Other than you two goons, yeah, I'd say my threads are getting tons of replies full of insightful comments.

Needs people like Westlo to fatten it up

Nah it needs Newtype to get emotional after reading one of your posts so he can post 3 times in the space of 8 minutes

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