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Aura Battler Dunbine is a better alternate world series than RahXephon

Many Evangelion fans have pointed out that RahXephon is an Eva clone, which is very valid given the similar aspects of both series. However I'd like to present another anime series that is a better comparison, Aura Battler Dunbine, since both ABD and RahXephon revolve around an alternate world, which Eva doesn't.

Aura Battler Dunbine is a creation by none other than Yoshiyuki Tomino himself, the father of Mobile Suit Gundam. ABD was aired in 1983, with a far better popularity than MSG, which really never took off until MSG III the movie. So why has ABD been forgotten today? It was just a matter of MSG having a better appeal with futuristic mecha design and settings compared to the fantasy fairy land medieval style of ABD. Regardless of the design style, ABD truly was a better series and commanded a strong popularity at the time of airing for having a great story and characters. And obviously Gundam universe kept expanding where ABD ended with the original.

As most good series are, ABD revolved around the characters as a focus point, rather than a giant robot for RahXephon. I almost wish that the stupid giant robot would self-destruct so that the story would focus more on the characters, every time they show a scene of the mad scientist in the cellar tinkering with RahXephon I get annoyed of how they try to focus on the stupid thing than anything else. The ensemble characters of ABD are very original with individuality that works great also as a crew as they learn to work with one another as the story progresses, something you'll never see in a series like whatever-goes-hack-mentality Cowboy Bebop. Such disjointed and uncooperative impression of the Cowboy Bebop ensemble is the reason why the series lacks in character development and hardly memorable. RahXephon characters are by far the worst, for being so superficial in makeup and life-less. When you see that the most intriguing dialogue is between Ayato and the reporter about the wind, one can't help but to fall asleep. I almost feel sorry for RahXephon to resort to fanservice of bikini girls on the beach every now and then to lure in the audience, when they have enough of a good production to improve upon the story.

ABD will engulf you into the majestic world of Byston Well, where fairies and people live together, and never let you go until you find out how the fairytale ends. The story is in itself very interesting, add the strong characters, a fantastic setting, and action-filled combat scenes, and you get the full dose of anime treatment that is simply fantastic.
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I almost feel sorry for RahXephon to resort to fanservice of bikini girls on the beach every now and then to lure in the audience

Once is somehow every now and then?

ABD is a landmark mecha title though because it's the first fantasy mecha series and was surely partly Shoji Kawamori's inspiriation for Escaflowne.

Also the first series with biological mechas which was something RahXephon ripped off from Evangelion apparntly never mind that the mecha designer of Xephon worked on Battler.
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