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Question Reading the manga before watching Anime

I noticed that lately that once I have started read the manga, only to find out that the anime series was released, I lost alot of interest in the anime after several episodes. Bleach and Naruto are prime examples of this. Both are great anime, but compared with the manga, in which I spent more time in, the anime just loses the element of mystery and surprise to me, so I stop watching it completely. In some cases, anime differs from the manga. That's why some people watch the anime while continuing to read the manga. But I find it hard for me to do so as what I stated above.

I guess my question is, does anyone else have this problem? Do you stop reading the manga once the anime starts or do you try to do them both?
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Yeah, me too. But seeing how they animate things just keeps me curious but now I just watch and dl anime every couple of weeks. And some series like Monster I don't want spoiled just yet, so I don't read it yet.
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Depends on the series. I read InuYasha, and I have read all the way up to chapter 410, but I still like watching the anime. I also prefer that the anime stay as close to the manga as possible without deviating too much.

On the other hand, Full Metal Alchemist goes in a completely different direction compared to the Manga after Episode 20 or so, but I like the Anime version and I am looking forward to reading the manga as well.

Some series I want to see turned into Anime, and will watch even if I know what is going to happen. Other series will bring in some changes and I'll welcome them, while other series will have changes that I dislike.
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And sometimes you just want to see more in the anime from the manga
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I like doing both, esp. anything by Rumiko Takahashi.

I think comedy holds up to seeing both versions.
But dramatic series, where the plot is more dependent on surprise, do not work as well.
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I've never really had the "one or the other" problem when it comes to manga and anime versions of the same series. If I read the manga first, then it's fun to watch the anime to see the pictures in motion and to see where the execution of the story differs between the two. If I saw the anime first it allows me to look for things in the manga that I may have missed, plus I can see where the anime changed things. ^_^;;

Of course, I've rarely had problems with repetition, and I will frequently reread and rewatch things, even though I know what's coming up. So in some ways, I guess it has at least a little bit to do with personality or something like that.

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Sorry but I barely even read Mangas. I just usually just watch the anime if I'm interested in it or not. If I do not, then I just never watch it again.

Well one day my cousin had some Ranma mangas. I've read them and like them. Then my other cousin has the anime version of Ranma. After I watch it I can see some same parts like on the mangas. I then notice that the anime version is just like the manga but is only a little different. The point I'm trying to show is that once you read the manga, there is no point to see the anime version because it's almost the same and you already know what the story is by just reading the manga so why seeing the anime portion. It doesn't makes any sense to me.
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When it comes to this i must say in one particular case i would never have touched the anime if i didnt read the manga.
Thats ichigo 100%. I was really dissapointed in the animation but if i had never read the manga i would never have even touched it. The same goes for Beck, its a bit to weird not to be introduced to it first.
Then again im an ichitard as well.
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