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Anyone understand the "year" in the ARIA series?

Just wondering if anyone understands the "year" in the ARIA series?

In CrystalNova subs the first eps it says it's like 24 months for on Aqua year but in ep 2 it refer to one character (try to not spoil anything) meeting another about 4 years ago, but it doesn't seem to have been 8 earth years. Though it is hard to tell character ages in flashbacks so it might of been 8 years ago.
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It was my understanding that an Aqua year was roughly two Earth years. I can't recall the flashback you're refering to (I'll check later when I have more time) but I just assumed it was doubled.

I took a quick glance at the scene you were refering to. When Aika refered to "four years ago," I believe she was refering to Aqua years. I'd guess Aika has always been on Aqua or at least she's been there most of her life. To her, Aqua years are probably normal years so she may just refer to it as "years."

On the other hand, if she's sixteen or so years old currently, the flashback of her could pass for an eight year old.

Speculation at best, but that's all I got.

In either case, I still assume that Aqua years are double that of Earth years.
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