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Thumbs down Cutie Honey

I just finished the first disc of this two disc set.

Chokkei is an idealistic teenager living in a city ruled by crime. He goes to work for the newly elected Mayor Light, who has pledged to rid the town of evil. Assisting Mayor Light is his secretary, Honey Kisaragi. But soon Chokkei's Grandpa Danbei reveals that Honey Kisaragi is really the legendary warrior against evil -- Cutie Honey!

Cutie Honey has the power to change her appearance at will. Oh, and when she does change her appearance, all her clothes get ripped off. So there is nudity -- lots of nudity. In fact there is lots and lots of nudity. Lots and lots and lots of female nudity.

But Cutie Honey offers more than just T&A. It also has bad voice acting (in both the English and Japanese dubs), shoddy animation, a routine storyline and characters who really are not that interesting.

I usually watch every episode twice -- both the English dub and the Japanese with subtitles. But episodes 3 and 4 I watched only once because I saw no sense in unnecessarily increasing my boredom.

Looking up some information on the series, I found it is really a sequel to an earlier series. There were 12 episodes planned, but they stopped after 8 -- not a good sign.

Anyway, I see no reason to rent disc 2. Has anyone else seen this series? If so, is there any reason to watch disc 2?
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*laughs* With a name like Cutey Honey, did you honestly expect something a bit more high brow?

Shin Cutey Honey is a re-make of Go Nagai's original 1970's manga & TV series. I personally really like this series, as it's very silly & doesn't tax the brain too much.
If you didn't enjoy the first 4 episodes, then there's no point in renting the 2nd DVD as it's just more of the same, except there is no resolution to the non-existant plot in the 2nd arc.
Oh, & IIRC, the first 4 episodes were originally created to test the waters of the anime market; the first arc was well recieved by fans, so it was decided to extend the series to 12 episodes. Unfortunately, the 2nd arc bombed, so plans for the final arc were dropped.
And yet more bollocks..,

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