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Originally posted by SS2EnragedGohan
hey drizz will u ask if there can be a general anime forum for posts/topics which have to do with all anime such as this one!?
Other Anime is the general/all/misc anime forum.
Says Dryden-san:
A month after they arrived in hell, they probably took it over.
I think that is a great idea for a benchmark of evil! Gendo would have his hands deeeep in Hell's politics, screwing with everyone!

But for myself, I think the ultimate anime villian is best embodied by Vegeta, specifically the Vegeta we see before Goku goes SSJ. Heartless, power-hungry, and a vicious fighter, even after he "settles down" he's still a rude and arrogant prick. He also has a temper-control problem...^^
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I love villains ^_^

1)Mikage from Utena - For one thing, he's not really a true villain. His motivation is one of the most unique and heartbreaking I've ever seen in anime. His methods are incredibly cool too (" fukaku..."). Besides that, he's Mikage. Need I elaborate further?

2)Crawford from Weiss Kreuz - Nagi was mentioned earlier, and while I love Nagi (and Schuldich, and Farfarello), Crawford is my favorite member of the wonderful Schwarz. He's cruel, sadistic, and intelligent, and he can kick some ass. He just radiates an aura of cool (plus there's his light yellow pimp suit...that's what it looks like at least)---and I really like his seiyuu. If you hadn't already noticed, most of the characters I like are for shallow reasons.

3)Shiori from the Utena movie - Why I like her, I have no idea. She's really just a sick bitch who sleeps with a ghost and turns into a scary black car with frilly seats, but she's strangely likable. I think it's the fact that, while she can be so unbeliveably cruel and self-serving, she does it looking and sounding extremely cute and sweet. Definitely not a book to be judged by its cover.
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Hmmm... my vote would have to be a tie between Vicious, Gendo, and Xelloss. Seperately, these three are true nightmares; Vicious can kill almost anyone (and does it often enough for us to get the point), Gendo is THE manipulative bastard, and Xelloss... can wipe out hundreds of dragons with the biggest smile across his face that you'll ever see.

Now... somebody here try imagining them working together. ^_^
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Dilandou cause he's a sadistic villlian who loves to see pain. And he is so obsessed with killing.
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I'm hesitating between Vicious from Cowboy Bebop and Kagato from Tenchi OAV.

Vicious may seam meaner, but Kagato has this "je ne sais quoi" that makes him the best bad guy.
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Originally posted by Dryden-san

And yes, Nakago could have taken the Suzaku seishi by himself if his powers weren't sealed. There's more to being a great villain than just a high body count; that's why I don't consider Vegeta a good villain. Anyone can kill a bunch of people, but the good villains ruin everyone's lives before they kill them and they do it with style.
Yea mean like Freiza?
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Speaking of Frieza....come to think of it,he kills only one person,the rest is done by his henchmen

Another great villain with style is Kilvan from Dragon Quest(Fly).
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RE: Speaking of Frieza....come to think of it,he kills only one person,the rest is done by his henchmen

In the series you see him kill Dende, Krillin, Vegeta, and the Nameks that tried to help Nail defend Guru from Freiza. The body count doesn't end there however. Remember he was responsible for Genocide. He wiped out the entire Saiyan race except for 5 or 6 of them (Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, Brolli and his father).

Frieza definatly didn't kill just one person.
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Robotech Master
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I can't believe no one has mentioned Legato Bluesummers from Trigun.He is my top favorite villian.He could not like this psychotic-hotdog eating-lunatic.

Viscious comes in second because he's Viscious

see you space cowboys,
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I do like Vegeta, as he's the most interesting character in DBZ, but he doesn't make my list because he doesn't have the style. Here's how he kills someone: he points his finger and they explode. Thre's nothing wrong with that, and he does make a great arrogant, ruthless bastard, but he lacks the flair for really creative cruelty. By comparison, look at how Legato Bluesummers of Trigun kills a particualrly obnoxious person: using his mind control powers, he forces them to reach into their chest and crush their own heart. That is style. Quality over quantity is my #1 rule for great villains.
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I haven't seen a lot of anime so currently my favortie anime villian is Kagato...Like Robotech Master said he looks like he's going to kick your ass with out raising his voice. He's got that calm, can-take-whatever-you-got-and-yawn-about-it aura. He was experienced and powerful and let you know it without braging too much...
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I'd have to go with Dakki from Houshin Engi. She's a very obnoxious seductive devil(she literaly is a demon, a fox demon to be more precise). She uses her charms to reach her goals, but her skills and actions don't end there, she's also very capable of defending herself and apparently very hard to truly kill(thats why they had to make the Houshin Dai, so that her spirit and that of the other sennyos and evil sennins/doushis stays sealed for good) and came back often after an apparent defeat. She's able to control the Chinese empire behind the scenes all by herself and is truly ruthless to the villagers, having sacrificed many of them in all kind of strange rituals and torture devices. Heck, she even eats human organs/flesh and truly enjoys it. She is extremely cruel and one of the most manipulative(and successful) fiends i have ever seen if not the most.
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It's gotta be God Hand from Berserk... all of them! ^_^

Shishio Makoto from Rurouni Kenshin was a good antagonist, the parallelism and contrast between him and Kenshin was pretty neat, though his ideals were the main selling point.
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Xelloss from Slayers try and Tetsuo from akira when he is full of psi powers and he goes crazy and turns into that baby thing
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I reckon Soujiro and Saitou from RRK were the coolest. Dilandau was also pretty cool, and all the baddies from Giant Robo kick ass, especially my namesake BigFire himself!
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