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If you had 3 Marionette's.......

If you had 3 Marionette's what would you name them?

I think I would name mine Kiwi, Mango and Coconut!

Or maybe Peanut, Popcorn and Cotten Candy!
~Girls who are in love, Give there Love to you..You who shine so bright my dearling!Shining rouge...Pink like peaches! I pray that it reaches you this - young girls prayer!~
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A-ko, B-ko and C-ko

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Send a message via AIM to Vandread they have to be fruit? Well I'm assuming they don't have to be ^_^




A person's word means nothing, only actions can dictate true intent. Always strive to accomplish more and be stronger.

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All the big girls in the room say "Chicken Wings." -Chris
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3 marionettes, eh? Hmmm..... and they have to be food related names?

Big Breasted Marionette #1: Marsha(mallow)

Big Breasted Marionette #2: Pie (American Pie owns you!)

Big Breasted Marionette #3: Hostess "THAT'S THE STUFF!"

I'm not a pervert. I just like.....Big Breasted Marionettes with food related names!
"Damnit McNulty! Next time someone sends you an explosive ham, I'm gonna pass the mustard!"

"Go heavy and thou asses shall be saved from little boys in Chile!"
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sweet $ sour chicken

sriracha (rooster sauce)


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Nairohe, Shinigami, and uhmm...Yui.

Nairohe and Shinigami are names I used to use back when I was new to AB and liked those names. (FF7 nairohe was the chick that dies, shinigami is the childhood friend chick) so much that now I use them all the time as continuity.
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i know im gonna die for this

id name one lick

one suck

and one ---k

hehe im gonna go hide now

on another note, not only what would you name em, what would you do with them? (my names say it all)
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Hmmm... if i had 3 marionettes... and they had food related names...

1. Candy
2. Caramel
3. Pepermint

That way they'd all be sweet.
"Man's worse enemy is Man himself - Gendo Ikari"
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Ummmm... Let me see, If I had three marionettes they would be:
numero uno: Rei
numero dos: Meia
numero tres: Sakura???
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I'd choose...
and blackberry
eventually everone must get their ass kicked- Old proverb
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Deseire Doomsday, the bats**t insane one
Consuela Catastrophy, the sultry one
Monica Mishap, the shy one.
"Yahaha...It's burning...Melting...Our only chance...To see hope die--Ahhh! My brain--Numb with beauty! Ha ha ha ha!" - Mr. Buick, Battle Angel Alita: Fallen Angel
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Beelzebub - The lord of flies
Leviathan - Sudecer of Adam and Eve
Peaches - For me, and for you
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I ownz Gismo
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if i have given a chance to have three sexy cute Marionettes i would name them - michiri, fiohna, mikimiki don't ask me why i named them like that it came out of my mind as i write this post. . . but i will feel lucky if i have them. . . because i will not look for another girl to satisfy me (green minded of me, sorry)
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