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Outside, in the glorious sunshine, two forms leaned against the side of one of the carriages. A feathered beast sat perched on a shoulder. Neither of them had any luggage, though one did seem to hold a pastry of some kind.

“I’m going to give it to Chigusa and she will talk again.” The pastry was rather lopsided as if someone had sat on it or perhaps dropped it.

Tonton brushed his hands against it, like you straighten a shirt, but the pastry didn’t seem like it felt like responding to the touch and remained deformed.

“I don’t think she would want to eat that.”

“Of course she would. Chigusa is…what do you call us…”

The earth boy pressed a chubby finger against his chin and tried to think harder than he had ever done before. All it did was to make him hungry. Eitre never moved his gaze from the gangway, it flickered from passenger to passenger as he tried to see if he recognised anyone.

The two had come to an agreement that they would refuse to share carriage with anyone that they didn’t know. Neither did it seem that anyone wanted to question them on why they hogged a carriage. Maybe they were intimidated by Tonton and his lopsided pastry.


“The other word. Earth people.”

There was no sight of her as yet, nor anyone they knew of the name of.

“Mystic moon.”

“Yes, Mystic moon eats food.”

If Tonton could’ve been anymore prouder then he would’ve exploded. He had a master plan. He was going to find all the mystic mooners and they could go on a big nice picnic. Everyone loved picnics.
Nice entrance Shade. You have all the grace of a brain tumor in a mincemeat maker.
Who...who are you?
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Findel grasped his bandaged shoulder, realizing that he should probably put a shirt on before entering Fanelia. He glanced across the room, noticing his pile of sparse belongings. Brushing past Gwyndolin in several strides, Findel cocked his head as the young boy spoke.
"Who's that guy?"
Touji said, seeming to ignore the fact that Findel was standing no more than five feet away. There was a moment of silence as Gwyndolin turned to face the samurai, but she was soon cut off.

"Findel Falor. I hail from Basram."
Findel said routinely, looking down at his Freidian tunic.
"And you are the Mystic Moon boy..."
He continued, slipping the shirt on with an air of disinterest. He remembered Toujis story from the throne room, yet with all the new faces it was unlikely that the earthling recognized him.
Findel furrowed his brow. Just seeing Touji again reminded him of all the revelations concerning the mystic moon... information that the Basramian would have been better off not hearing.
In a fit of inner frustration, Findel immediately started to doubt Toujis tales from Freid, despite the fact that only a day before he had been quite convinced that Risa and the others travels were true. Findel proved too stuborn to be changed overnight, and there was no doubt that it would take time for his beliefs to shift. With a huff, the samurai tried to push the thoughts to the back of his mind.

"I am departing... if you care to join me, so be it."
He exclaimed gruffly, striding past Gwyndolin one last time and heading for the exit.
With his head downcast, Findel barely noticed Aaron, standing quietly at the door. The two men bumped shoulders as Findel brushed by with a low cough.
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~~~~Foucault ~~~~

Not waiting for a reply nor an invitation, Foucault fluidly fell into step with the raccoonman, arcing a brow in acknowledgment to Aetheus’ arrival. Two servants, nervously hurrying from the temple off to who knew where to do who knew what was enough in itself to catch his interest, but after the commotion, it was reasonable to assume something quite important was happening.

“I hope you don’t mind my joining you on your way to the palace, but I myself was just headed that way for a meeting with the Representative of the Guilds.” His interest increased when from the temple behind them emerged several more people, among them the Priest, a handful of guards and medics, and five unfamiliar faces. Well, well, well… Not just anyone gained admittance to the royal family’s temple, and guessing from their escort and the sour looks on their faces, these strangers weren’t exactly welcome.


Aaron barely acknowledged Findel, looking up blankly at him as the man bumped him aside. It was hard to believe this usually emotionless young man had attacked Seth the previous day, but Aaron was full of surprises, not the least of which was his Draconian heritage that only a handful of people knew about, so whether he’d lose himself in another irrational haze of rage, no one, not even Aaron himself, could say for sure. One thing he did know was, although part of him wanted to seek solitude, he had to talk to Seth again and try to figure things out. So while Gwyn was preoccupied with Touji, Aaron slipped out after Findel, silently shadowing the Basramian through the hallways.

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*Gwyndolin was irritated by Findel's complete coldness, but she put on a happy face for Touji's benefit. "Well, we'd better head out then," she saw that Aaron was following Findel and decided that it would be best to ignore the strange young man for now, as it seemed that there could be little to gain from keeping him captive.

For the nth time in the last few days Gwyndolin picked up her bags and began carrying them down the hallway. In all reality, she cared little for most of her personal belongings, but the bag that she was entrusted with from the King was precious to her. Gwyn missed King Arien although she'd only been his personal guard for a few days. The young king was always very kind and hospitable... unlike certain people that she'd been in the company of as of late.

"We'll grab your luggage and then take one of the carriages to the palace," Gwyn interrupted her own thoughts and announced. "Eh," she realized with a sheepish grin, "I don't even know which direction your room is." Some guardian I am... not even knowing where his room is-- I couldn't have checked in on him if I tried.
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((ooc: Things don't seem to be going very well for me in the rpg. I can't seem to get into character *sigh*))

In the early morning hours it could be heard blocks around. The high pitched, woman like scream that erupted and fell upon the ears of all within it’s vast radius. The epicenter? The medium sized raccoon male now sprawled on the floor, his right hand clutching his chest, his face twisted in terror as the screams continued to echo off the stone walls of surrounding building.
His mind had been elsewhere since he exited the temple, his thoughts wandering here and there, most about Maeko and Crimm. Others consisting of his surroundings, such as the beautiful day; how that strange woman across the street seemed to have something caught in her eye by the way she seemed to only blink with her left when looking at him. He also noticed the two guys there across the street, both of them seemingly forgetting the other wasn’t a woman the way they were kissing and all. These thought took over the majority of his attention and he was unaware he was being followed by Aetheus, let alone the grimy merchant who’s creepy face seemed to pop out of nowhere when the young man turned to look to his right. And so there he was in the present. His screams had now subsided, and the initial shock was worn off, but his heart still felt as if it would shatter through his chest with the ferocity it continued to beat. After a few minutes of deep breaths and pounding on the left side of his chest to get his heart going again, he somewhat gained control of himself and propped himself up with his right elbow, shakily trying to bring himself to his feet before mumbling in a low trembling voice answering the Merchants question.

“I..I…I d-d-don’t m-mind at all”
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Nothing had annoyed Ecli quite as much as hiding inside leviship full of busy people for a whole night. It had been quite a challenge to remain completely unnoticed by everyone and at the same time locate Chisuga's whereabouts too.

He had spent rest of the night in half slumped position, silently musing over the situtation again and again to come up with a proper plan of how to deal with both Chisuga and Aaron,who had in some mysterious way managed to obtain Dryden's journal. Ecli swallowed hard, effectively digesting a clod of disgustingly bitter herbs he had been chewing.

This is a reckless gamble.... but I'd rather risk some mild side effects of unboiled herbs than falling down with a sudden, uncontrollable seizure

Ecli observed calmly how Dharr came to escort Chisuga out of the leviship. He was too far away to hear what they were talking about but it looked like they were about to leave soon. Ecli waited for them to leave first and after that rose up, stretched his sore muscles and started pursuing the unaware couple. For Ecli's dismay Dharr and Chisuga were visiting just about every crowded place inside the leviship, including meditation room, bridge and dining area just to name the few.

Finally Dharr and Chisuga started walking to direction where Ecli knew gangway to be. Smiling ominiously Ecli fondled the tip of his dagger as he pondered his next action.

I will blend into crowd and slip inside the palace grounds with them. I have watched that Chisuga long enough to notice that she tends to isolate herself from the others. If she does that again I can easily capture her.

Ecli had always trusted on his instincts. He would succeed no matter how dire things might look.

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“Hello. You’re the boy with the owl,” the Freidian soldier greeted Eitre and Ton Ton, as if the former was now forever cursed with the title of The Boy With The Owl. “I can’t in honest say I’m sorry to see you go, but I wish you better luck in your future.” Another anonymous porter strapped what little luggage the travelers had into place, and Dharr stepped out of the man’s way then bowed to Chigusa, preparing to take his leave, but then he spotted Jirair and Seth disembarking, and the elder soldier gestured for Dharr to come over. “Excuse me.”

The trio stood far enough away from Ton Ton, Eitre, and Chigusa that none of their words carried over above the din of the landing platform, but from their very posture it was obvious that whatever the subject it was serious. From time to time Seth, who leaned on his crutch as casually as if it had always been there, glanced at the group waiting by the carriage and then at the gangway. Even Jirair and Dharr wore concerned expressions. Finally, the conversation ended, Jirair clasped Seth’s hand in farewell, and the two Freidians boarded the leviship again, leaving Seth to slowly make his way to the waiting carriages.

“Good morning, as soon as the others arrive we can leave.” Seth nodded a greeting towards the trio in an absentminded manner, his thoughts obviously elsewhere, but upon noticing the feathered creature on Eitre’s shoulder he looked curiously at the young man, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “It’s not exactly the most important thing to know, but where did you get that?”

~~~~Foucault ~~~~

“Already people are whispering of conspiracy and cataclysm and miracles.” The merchant carefully adjusted the smoke colored glasses he wore, peered back at the strangers not far behind him, then turned his attention back to Wraith. His voice was friendly enough, but there was an intensity in his eyes that made many a man tremble. “So tell me, my boy, who are they, prophets or madmen or charlatans?”

((OOC: Poor Wraith is going to have a heart attack.))

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The short journey to the palace was uneventful if anything. Crimm and his small entourage of guards ushered the newcomers quietly to the courtyard, past the rose garden and towards the guest wing of the castle. As they passed through an ivy-draped archway, the lionman glanced up at the tower where the princess' room was.
I hope Maeko has a chance to inform her majesty of these visitors before anyone else does. Crimm returned his gaze to the motley band before him, his sad gaze passing right through them. Poor girl, a pity she will not be able to savor her youth...
Since leaving the temple, their little parade had apparantly gained a sizable number of followers, all curious onlookers who trailed behind them with hushed whispers and suspicious glances. Turning around suddenly, Crimm growled lightly, letting his lips widen into a mild snarl. "Please good people, do return to your duties and trouble us not to stare." Crossing his burly arms, Crimm stared down the small mob, mostly servants and bored guards, though a few nobles could be seen among them, standing out rather sorely in their finery. Satisfied that he had done all he could to break up the crowd, Crimm turned away and walked quickly to catch up with the guarded strangers.

"Ah! Naughty baby, come back here!!" came a woman's cry, accompanied by a shrill squeal. Crimmius looked back in time to see a small catgirl in a tan smock emerge from a side door, her tiny legs carrying her into the midst of the entourage, and right smack into one of the outlanders. The one with the ugly sneer that they had to take the knived gauntlets from...
Peering out of the doorway, a bedraggled looking catwoman appeared with arms akimbo. "Milia! Get away from that man immediately!"
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Gwira heard the priest order the crowd of people that had turned to stare away from them. She watched with delight, the big curious eyes that clung to their every step, a plan slowly taking form in her mind.

"You can't possibly want to do that!" Dryan exclaimed, a bit taken aback by the cruelty of what Gwira was proposing.

"And why not? As I recally, we don't have enough money to take a levi-ship home. So, we must make money." Gwira retorted.

"But that's tricking innocent people!" Dryan bit back.

"And you think they wouldn't trick us if they were in our shoes? Gwira asked.

"Well, you do have a point, but we cannot afford to tarnish the image of our business."

"And yet, we need money."

"Yes, that's why we'll sell that blasted figurine I bought from that man in Asturia. And we'll charge extra because it's been to the Mystic Moon." Dryan proposed.

"That could work... and we could somehow try to get our hands on Elisan's weapon and present it as a harmless decoration, and sell that for a lot of money as well."

"Well, we'd have to make it so that it wouldn't be dangerous first, but I'm sure we can get a very comfortable sum for that 'artifact'."

"It's a plan!

"Excuse me, but what has happened to our weapons now that you have promptly disarmed us?" Gwira asked Crimmus. "Will we get them back when we want to leave the castle?" she asked, falling into pace with the priest.
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"They'll be kept in a safe place for now until we find out why you encroached on holy territory, laden with weapons..." replied Crimmius rather severely. Distracted, he darted a glance back at the catgirl who had fallen on her face after having collided with one of the strangers, and was now wailing loudly. The air was soon filled with the sounds of ear-piercing cries, and the clipped scolding tone of the mother catwoman as she shrieked angrily at the strangers. Out of the corner of his eye, Crimm could see the group of onlookers gradually return as the new ruckus echoed throughout the palace.
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Eat the Tonton!

“Oh no. They’ve run out of food!” Tonton exclaimed and pointed an accusing finger at the huddling group. “They want to eat Tonton. Eitre will not let them hurt Tonton, will he?”

If the true path to joy was food - then being said food was the ultimate nightmare for Tonton. His chubby fingers pressed against his cheeks and rocked from side to side whilst repeating “no no no”.

“I’m sure that they’re talking about something else.” Eitre gave a ‘couldn’t care less’ shrug and clumsily clambered into the carriage. Leaning against the side and with a ‘cat who ate the canary’ smile he proceeded to give Tonton a theory of his own. “They’re going to feed you to the dragons instead.”

Tonton who, understandably, had never been near a dragon, after all they were only mythical creatures on the mystic mood, didn’t know how to react at first. He wanted to laugh and say that there were no such thing as dragons but no matter how dim he was, not even Tonton could escape the fact that there had been several un-explainable things in these parts. And Eitre wouldn’t lie.

“Chigusa, don’t let them hurt Tonton.”

The round boy grabbed hold of girl in a tight bear hug and lifted her off the ground. At least she was lucky, he wasn’t trying to swing her over his head like he had tried to do to Eitre at that fateful meeting in Zaibach.

“Tonton will be nice. Chigusa protect me.”

To prove how nice he was, Tonton lifted her higher so that she wouldn’t need to climb up those suspicious carriage steps. He followed quickly after, sat down by her side and leaned slightly against her, not noticing how she seemed to try to scoot further away. Mind you, he was only trying to show how nice he was.

The three sat still, waiting patiently whilst drumming fingers against the sides. Someone sighed heavily. People outside were getting into carriages, some seemed to know each other and others didn’t. Seth was familiar, but Eitre couldn’t put a time or place to his face. He should’ve have done something noticeable like saving their lives, that had imprinted Findel forever on the boy’s mind. But no, this guy just had to query about the bird.

A stale smile spread across Eitre’s lips as he tried not to shout abuse about leaving people alone and not to be so curious. “She found me.”

“It’s someone else’s feathery…” Tonton added.

“Apparently, according to that scholar what’s-his-face Hooter belongs to some minister. She doesn’t seem to miss him too much.” To which Hooter voiced her agreement.
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"Ouch! Hey watch where you're going!" Elisan let out a startled cry as the little fanelian feline (say that 10 times fast) ran into him and fell backwards onto the ground. His brash words had obviously scared her, and combined with the impact of running into him, tears began to well up in her eyes.

"Milia! Get away from that man immediately!" Cried another cat woman who was obviously her mother.

"Bah, stupid kid! Look what you've done to yourself now."

Normally Elisan wouldn't have cared at all about someone getting hurt, but this wasn't just a regular little human girl. It was a cute little kitty cat that was crying out for his help.

With a sigh Elisan crouched down infront of the little girl. She trembled out of fear and as he stretched out his hand toward her she slowly tried to push herself away as to run away from the man.

"It's ok, i'm not going to hurt you." Elisan said as he gently wiped away one of her tears with one of his fingers. Even if he had wanted to, he knew he couldn't hurt her. "Are you alright? You should really watch where you are going or else you could get hurt like that. Now let's stand you up and make sure that you didn't injure youself." Elisan helped the little girl up to her feet and and gave her a quick visual survey. "Well it doesn't look like you mangaed to hurt yourself too badly. Now you should go back to your mommy before she starts worrying about you." He said as he gave her a nice little pat on the head before standing back up.

The little girls tears had stopped and big smile spread across her lips. "Thanks Mister!" said the little girl excitedly and began to run to her mother. About half way to her mother she stopped and turned back to him. "My name's Milla, what's yours?"

"Elisan. Now hurry up and get back to your mother. I've got to be going now to. Bye."

"BYE!" Shouted the little girl with a big wave.

Elisan turned back to face the others and was met with several odd stares.

"What?!" cried Elisan. "Don't look at me like that!"
"I was going up the stairs. I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away."
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Dream forgot her own fears for a moment, completely concerned for the well-being of the little girl... cat-girl. She'd seen what Elisan could do... what he had done....

To Dream's surprise and utter shock, he was quite courteous to the poor cat-girl. The Earth girl never would have expected kindness from someone like Elisan... not after....

"BYE!" called the little girl as she ran off. Joy from Elisan...? It couldn't possibly be....

Dream turned away and leaned slightly against Silvern, still holding his hand.

She didn't want to remember... but she knew she'd never forget.

"Silvern.... how can one person.. do something so terrible.... and then... do something so...." She hesitated, not knowing if she could say the word.
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~~~~Seth ~~~~

The knight settled next to Eitre, grateful to be off his feet, and leaned his crutch against the side. Although there was easily room for two more, Gwyndolin, Findel, and Touji would have to ride in the second carriage.

“Scholar what’s-his-face? You must mean that Freidian Scholar Dare,” Seth continued on the pleasant conversation to pass the time. “Actually, I do remember Dharr mentioning a minister who owned an owl had died recently, so I doubt he would miss ‘Hooter’ much.” Automatically he reached to check that the journal was in place, stopping when he remembered it was no longer in his possession and instead checking his throwing knives were secure, as if to cover his error. He wasn’t even sure he wanted nor even had a right to take the book back. He should have and could have handed it over to Aaron and Owen and parted ways back in Palas. But I didn’t. And he didn’t regret that decision.

“Once things are sorted out at the palace, I assume you’ll be leaving our little group to go back home,” he asked Eitre. “You did tell Duke Mahad back in the throne room that you’re from Fanelia, didn’t you?” Casually Seth included Chigusa and Ton Ton in the conversation. “If I understood the whole explanation correctly, you Ton Ton and Touji are all from the Mystic Moon, or Earth as you call it, but somehow ended up in Zaibach, and that’s where you met that agent Cen.” Seth folded his arms across his chest and gave a small laugh. “Well, she’s been something of a thorn in our sides for some time now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows up again.”

~~~~Silvern ~~~~

“I don’t know. Some people are like that, kind one moment and violent the next, but there is always a reason behind it, even if it only makes sense to the madman himself.” Silvern gave her hand a gentle squeeze, comforting her as he would a younger sister.

Fangolas, who was feeling better with every passing minute, fell in step along Dreams other side and patted her shoulder. “Do not worry Little Miss. Silvern and I will see that no harm befalls you.”

Silvern nodded in thanks to the other man, so imposing in appearance and yet so soft spoken and gentlemanly. “And I’ll make sure our hosts know just what kind of man he is,” he added with a sharp glance at Elisan.

((OOC: *Seth learned their names back in this post when they almost all ended up in prison.))

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Touji paused for a moment and played his journey backwards in his mind. He pointed to an area down the hallway, he could have been pointing at any one of several doors.

"I think it was that one."

He then started forward.

When at the door he stopped. He opened the door slowly, as quietly as possible, hoping that if he'd made the wrong choice, he'd be able to close the door without them knowing any better.

A familiar pile of clothes laid in the corner of the room. He stepped inside and bundled them under his left arm. An embarrassed smile spread on his face. Damn. I need money.

"Well, this is everything, except for my other sword."
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