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Anime series discussion group : Tears to Tiara

I have been watching this new series with alot of excitment! I really love the art and story. It really is something different then other series out there right now. This series was accually based off of a older PC game which is being remade for the PS3.

Is anyone else watching this:

Kill the Spiders to save the butterflies..............
But by doing this one does not realize that they become the spider.......
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John Faulkner
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I haven't seen this yet, but I find it hard to believe this is going to be any good. For one thing, it doesn't look very original: a bunch of immature kids/young adults up against BIG EVIL PERSON (TM).

The girl on the left is dressed up like an upside-down mushroom, the girl second-from-the-left is generic magician woman, the guy next to her is typical effete gothic sword-wielding ponce, next guy is bland nancy boy, beside him is naive ice-maiden with stupid hat and wearing posh shoes like she's going ------- shopping for junk like your average woman, next to her is Mrs. slut and next to her is a bloody prostitute.

And the bad guy is some old dude with a staff. In flames, apparently.

Ho hum.

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