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The new CB ads...

Whose seen the new Cowboy Bebop ads for the Saturday anime AS? I've seen three different ones so far, one with the Tank! remix and Jet Black narrating, a shorter version of that ad, and one with Memory playing in the background, with no dialouge.

I liked the Memory one best, very stylish, but all of them were better than the original 'boring' ad from the Sunday AS.
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yah, those new ads are pretty hot, but i gotta say that i didn't care too much for the ad which has Jet saying he doesn't think too much about all those guys anymore(i.e. the Bebop crew). feels too much like CN's writing their own fan-fic commercial ...
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I think I only saw the Jet Black narrating one.
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Those ads were VERY cool...very "Bebop" too
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They were all pretty good. I was considering making a thread about them, but never got around to it.
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