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A not original fantesy I work on

Here's something I'm working on, First part only.... sorry for the Lodoss-esque components in it, I apologize for any mistakes I have there and if the writing style sucks... that what happens when you write in a second language.

“Sword meets magic, strength versus wisdom, steel encounter the will of the mind, in the world of Kazmet, the lines of light and darkness faded into the line where the night and day collide, in the twilight of existence the world of Kazmet exists.
“In this world one can choose to survive with will alone, survival is the only goal the heart and mind set upon.
“While chaos dominates the land, kingdoms try to maintain the balance of power which lasted for centuries.
“Light and darkness, sword and magic, the path of the ancient world of Kazmet does not exist anymore.
“In the new era of the gray, the future is uncertain, what does it hold for the people of Kazmet, that only remains to be seen"

“Twelve decades has passed since the Chaos of the gray begun, twelve decades the world was both submerged into the unknown, the gray Era.
“Desperate to enlarge their sphere of influence, the Priests of nightmares sent their people to other kingdoms, using trickery to affect the people, upon hearing of this plot, the Paladins of the kingdom of Minerov sought to protect the ideals of justice and order.
“In the first battle, it was sword versus magic alone on each side, with no way of beating one another in a fair battle, both sides started to ally themselves with other kingdoms, The Priests allied themselves with the Barbaric knights of Avagar, The Paladins allied themselves with the Mages of the Hidden island.
“Hoping to win the war, both sides fought battles against one another for two decades, life were takes by both Sword and Magic, the foundation of the fighting forces was diminished into nothingness.
“With the loss of the major powers, the balance was broken, the kingdoms were thrown into inside civil wars.
“The non human civilizations, which lived on the far borders of human settlements, were concerned that the illness of chaos will spread into their kingdoms, both the elves, dwarves and gnomes tried to avoid contact with humans, while the ogres and goblins saw this as an opportunity to pillage the human villages.
“Ten decades has passed since the twenty years war, ten decades of quiet suffering."

“Hand over the money!" Threatened the masked bandit, “Don’t force me to use force.”
In the middle of the evergreen forest of Raknor a Transport carriage was attacked by a small group of poorly armed bandits, but for there were no escort, the carriage was poorly defended. In the kingdom of Raknor the situation was grim, the people were starving for food, even noblemen couldn’t escape the chaos of the gray era.
“I said, hand over the money! Now!” The bandit leader exclaimed at the carriage’s passengers, which consisted of a nobleman, his wife and young daughter.
The nobleman responded to the bandit’s threats “You can’t be serious, I will not surrender my funds, which is rightfully mine to the likes of you.”
“Please Lerr,” Said the nobleman’s wife, “give them the money, what use is there in resisting them, when we have nothing else to do?”
Looking at his wife, Lerr thought for a moment, and said “I can’t, not with our debt, I just can’t”
“Don’t worry dear, give them the money, we’ll be ok.” His wife smiled in return.
Seeing her smile, Lerr loosen his grip of the money bag and handed it to the masked bandit and stared deep into the bandit’s eyes, “Remember this well, commoner, for I will not.” Hissed the nobleman at the bandit.
Ignoring the nobleman’s warning, the bandit leader took the bag, and signaled his men to withdraw, among the men were a young boy which was the bandit's son, before drawing back into the forest with the rest of the group, he saw a the little daughter of the nobleman’s looking outside the now moving carriage's window, still watching the girl, he suddenly felt someone pulling him, it was his father, the leader of the bandit group.
Taking his mask off, his father said “Son, don’t stand here too long, we need to go back to the village before the army patrol pass in this region.
“And besides, your mother won't forgive me if I'll lose you."
Smiling at his father's last remark, a smile that not lasted much and then faded into a questioning glare. “Father, did we really have to take their money?"
Looking somewhat disturbed by his son's question, he then replied, “Ram, in the world which we live in, it’s a live or die choice.” he quickly looked around nervously to check that there are no soldiers or mercenaries around, after surveying the area, he continued his sentence “, since the beginning of the gray era one hundred years ago, survival was and is out only concern of both our mind and heart."
He rubbed his son's head and said, “Now, let’s return home, your mother will kill us if we’ll let dinner get cold.”
After saying that, Ram and his father joined with the rest of the group and headed back to their small village.

Back in the carriage, on it's way to the nobleman’s estate; the nobleman clutched his hand and hit the side of the carriage’s cabin. “I swear to you, I’ll will get my money back, I will not let some weaklings like that commoner get away with this!”
“Relax dear, you will get the money back, but getting angry about that now will not help you.” Said his wife with a calmed tone.
Looking at her parents talking, Milar was puzzled for she didn't understand why her father was angry, so looked at her father and asked innocently, “Father, why are you angry on those men that visited us earlier?"
Surprised at his daughter's question, Lerr didn't know what to answer, he never told his daughter about the gray era and all the chaos that the land had suffered, he kept her in a closed bubble, protecting her from the dangers as much as he could, and for the first time in his, and even more important, her life, she saw a grain of sand of the trouble which revolves the world.
“Milar, honey, do not bother yourself about that, we’ll get home and you could ask me all that you want. ”He told his daughter. “Now, Milar, rest until we get home."
She smiled with an unknowing smile at her father and replied with a simple nod.
In the meantime, the nobleman conjured in his mind a way to make sure that he will get his money back, and further more, will avenge the insult he had to endure by the commoners.

Returning to the village, the group was accepted in cheers by the rest of the villagers.
Sharing the money between the rest of the people, only caused the cheers to grow, looking at all those people made Ram’s dad feeling good about what he did, made him feel that his actions were justified, for the sake of his people, he will do such things once more.
Standing on the side, Ram observed the partying as the skies were colored with the shades of crimson, he then heard a voice from behind him, “Ram, why aren't you joining the party?" It was Ram's grandfather, the village's sage. He kept looking at Ram, “Is there something wrong Ram? You look like you have something on your mind.” That worried his grandfather, considering that Ram was only 12 years old.
Looking back at his grandfather, Ram was thinking of an answer, and when finding one, he then replied, “Grandfather, why did the gray era happened?"
Somewhat surprised at the question, his grandfather smiled, “You want to know why it happened? So do I, many sages who survived the cataclysm of the twenty years wars asked themselves that.” Thinking of a better answer then the previous one, he then came with a answer which gave Ram food for thought, “Many sages believe that the gray era occurred because the gods were tired of the petty wars that happened between the darkness and light, but what I think is…” and then he said something Ram will never forget. “The darkness and light lost their way, lost their goal, in the order of things, downward turned into upward, and the other way around, people caused they gray era themselves, when they forgot the place they were standing in."
Staring at his grandfather, Ram asked another question, “What are the darkness and the light?"
Even more surprised by the second question, Ram's grandfather looked upward to skies which were now colored with darker hues, still looking above he was thinking, ‘the youth doesn't have known the choices of black and white as my Parents had, but he’ll have to choose a path one day, either way, he'll have to.’
Staring back at the Young boy, he said “The darkness and light are the paths which the world was walking in, they were the choices people made.”
“Grandfather, how is it possible for the world to walk in two paths?" Ram asked with a puzzled stare in his eyes.
“The world exists in both the darkness and the light, they work together to create the order of the world, they ensure a balance, they give people a place.” His grandfather replied, “Now, enough of these questions young one, time that you'll join the rest and have some fun."
Nodding with a smile, Ram left his grandfather and joined the rest of the villagers.
Watching his grandson playing with the other kids, smiling at the innocence of the kid who doesn't know about the way of the world, Ram’s grandfather started walking to his house in the far end of the village.
Getting far from the commotion of the celebration, Ram’s grandfather kept looking at the stars and said to himself, “Oh, what have you planned for us today? What is it that you’re trying to tell me."
Suddenly he heard a noise coming from the bushes, he saw then 3 hooded figures, one is dressed in white, another in black, and the middle one in gray.
“Why have you decided to appear right now? A century has passed since the end of the twenty years war….” Ram’s grandfather said, but interrupted by the person in the White robe.
“You have sent for us.” The one dressed in white said.
“We have came for your request.” The person in black continued.
“That I did ask," Ram’s grandfather said, “but the two of you hold no real power." He then looked the figure in gray, “Why don't you finish this already, It was your doing, a century of suffering, a century of uncertainty, all because of your emotions."
Taking off his hood, the gray figure appeared as an old person with a long white beard, he then said, “I am aware of that, but I cannot change this which done, my powers faded with what I did then, and I as well suffer to see what my hands have created, only a mortal, a human with an heart which haven't chosen none of the paths yet can return the world to what it was.” The figure in gray then stopped and then said, “He’ll have to make the choice when it comes, but he won't be the only one, the path which the world goes is in the end of those which don’t know what path they walk in."
“So you have found those people that will return the world from the gray?” Ram’s grandfather asked.
“That we did, but they should not know of their paths, their destiny is in their hands.” Answered the gray figure.
“I understand now, you've came for Ram, my grandson.” Realized Ram's Grandfather.
“Indeed, we came to ensure that nothing will happen to him in the up coming events.” Said the man in gray in return.
“Events? What sort of events?" Inquired the old man, “Something is going to happen, something to might endanger Ram, and you're hiding it to yourself?”
“What we do, is none of your concern.” The gray figure raised it voice, “your only task is to ensure that the boy will be in a safe place in two weeks and no where near the village.”
“Why? What are you planning?!?!” Exclaimed the old man with anger.
“As I said, nothing to concern you, your task was given, follow it to the letter old man.” Said the man in gray, and returned into the bushes with his comrades and vanished into the forest's night.
Gazing into the dark woods lit by the moon's light, the old man said, “What is going to happen? Why would the Immortals come to me and ask me to do such a task? Something is going to happen in two weeks, and if I know the Immortals, there’s nothing I can do about it.”
Looking at the bright moon above the forest, the old man thought of his grandson, and of the mysterious figures.

On the day after in the nobleman's estate, the nobleman, still furious for the insult inflicted upon him by the commoners, who took his money, have set an audience with a leader of a mercenary group leader.
“So, what is that you summoned me and my people for?" Asked the mercenary leader.
“Quite simple, Mr. Vhan, I want you to hunt the commoners which stole my money, and humiliated me in front of my wife and my daughter." Said Lerr with fury.
“And do you have information for the whereabouts of the bandits which assaulted you?" The mercenary leader kept on asking.
Looking at the mercenary with a confused stare for the last question, Lerr replied with a question, “Can’t you find the people yourselves? I can specify the place I was attacked, I doubt that they are very far from there.”
“I can do that, but it will take time, and…” Looking at Lerr with a small smile, “More funds, if you understand what I mean.”
“Whatever it take, it is a matter of principle, I shall have my revenge.” Said Lerr with fire in his eyes.
Smiling back at Lerr the mercenary said, “You can see it as done, is there anything else you want?"
“Yes, if you find the village, burn it to ashes,” The nobleman kept saying with a fury, “Don’t leave a house standing there."
Shocked from what the nobleman asked from his, Vhan asked, “You can't be serious, we won’t harm women and children just that you'll get your revenge.”
“If you have a problem with that, I can find others that will accept this mission.” Replied Lerr with a tone of discontent.
“Very well, I will do as you ask, but remember this, whatever the future brings, you’ll be to one to answer to goddesses of guilt and remorse.” Looked the mercenary with his own discontent toward the nobleman, Vhan couldn't think of how insane a person is for taking such an issue of personal honor and turning it into a madness, but as a mercenary, he had to put his conscience aside and follow the survival code, he didn't have to agree with Lerr, just do what he said.
“I assure you Mr. Vhan, I shall hold no guilt nor remorse, I shall hold only content from knowing that the villains who insulted me will meet justice." Said Lerr with a smile on his face.
“Justice, huh?” Said Vhan with a hint of disbelief and said to himself in the heart, ‘One man's justice is another man's injustice’.
“You will receive payment when you'll show me some kind of evidence that you accomplish the mission.” Said Lerr with a sigh of relief, he hated dealing with the likes of Vhan, but for the sake of getting the job done, he won't mind, the soldiers are too busy in the main cities to have them used for such a minor mission.
Hearing the last remark, Vhan then joked, “Maybe you would like to join us when we'll find the village the bandits originated from, you'll then be able to exact revenge by your own hands." Showing a sign of cynicism in the joke.
Missing the humorous meaning behind Vhan’s remark, Lerr’s eyes widen with delight, “What an excellent idea, I would never expect a mercenary to come with such idea."
‘Oh great, what have I done?’ Thought Vhan to himself, ‘I should really learn to shut my mouth at some times.’
Noticing Vhan's lack of response, Lerr asked “So, what are you waiting for?"
“Nothing, I will start searching when the sun rise tomorrow morning.” Replied Vhan.
“Why not now?" Lerr Inquired Vhan.
“My men are tired, and searching in the dark was never good strategy.” Vhan’ reply was with bitterness, but apparently Lerr didn't notice it.
“You can go now…” Said Lerr, and before Vhan could exit out of the door, he added, “Don’t fail me.”
“Understood.” Replied Vhan and exited the room.
After exiting the room Lerr smiled to himself, poured a glass of wine, and said to himself. “I will find those who dared to insult me."

Exiting from Lerr's estate, Vhan saw his group, only combined out of 3 other members.
Peters, an old yet skilled archer.
Brod, a gnome, short and doesn't look very impressive, but his wits and knowledge of weapons makes up for that.
And Torren, a young mage that loves for adventures made him join this weird bunch of mercenaries.
“So Vhan, What's the job?" Asked Peters, Peters was a tall, balding man, with a gray goatee, he held a great bow in one arm, and had a quiver of arrows on his back.
“I Hope that it’s not another ‘Spying on the wife’ kind of job,” Said Brod, which was the exact opposite of Peters, He was short and chubby, but he was actually the oldest member of the group. “Though I didn’t mind the view last time.” He finished with a smile.
“Stop it Brod, he will tell us what it is, so what is it Vhan?” Asked Torren, he was the weird one of this group, although he was a good looking and intelligent man, he got often too excited from adventures, a trait that runs in his family of mages.
“Quite simple, we are to find bandits which stole the nobleman’s money, nothing more, nothing less.” Aware that he didn’t tell the entire truth, Vhan was still unease with Lerr’s personal request.
“Finding Bandits, huh?" Said the archer, “Since the job description is finding them, I guess that we don't know where they are?"
“Bright deduction, you humans never cease to amaze with your intellect." Teased Brod with a tone of sarcasm, which even the deaf would notice.
“Don’t try me, Gnome, or I will plant your head in this nobleman’s garden." Relied the now annoyed Peters.
Looking at the bickering of two, Torren couldn’t hold his amusement and laughed at the two.
Noticing the mage’s laughter, Vhan looked at him with a serious stare, causing Torren to cease laughing, and then he turned his gaze at the gnome and archer and signaled them to stops.
Understanding Vhan’s hint, both Brod and Peters ceased their bickering, though Vhan was a great deal younger then the both of them, they had a respect for him, respect that even a captain couldn’t get from his soldiers.
“Now men, we better rest before tomorrow, it’s a big forest out there, and it’s more then likely that the bandits know it better then us.” Vhan explained to him men.
After acknowledging Vhan’s order, the group loaded their horses with their tools and headed to Town to find themselves an inn to spend their night in, luckily the town was on the edge of the forest, and as well Vhan thought, it is possible to find information there, for the town is used for all sort of commerce and trade, someone is bound to know anything.
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Days have past, and it was two days before the day Ram’s grandfather was warned about, since he feared of what is to come, but he couldn’t warn the rest, what evidence would he have to prove of this, and he knew that the warning couldn’t be changed, for fate was determined by the gray figured, and it was impossible to escape it.
Seeing that something is bothering her father, Rena went to him and asked him what's wrong.
Looking at his daughter with sadness in his eyes he said, “Nothing, just worried of your husband taking your son for all those raids, it’s not a place for a child."
“I know father, but I can't do anything about it, you know how Ram is, I can't make him stay in the village, he wants to be with his father and contribute…” She paused, “…But I won't be worried, the others there swore that they will defend Ram if needed so, they love him as if he was their own son."
Giving her a smile which had sadness hiding behind it, he said, “I know that he’ll be safe, I know Rena.”
Smiling back to her father, she then heard cheers coming outside of the house, it was the sound of the bandit group which returned safely from their patrol in the forest’s paths.
Getting out side of the house, Rena run to her son, and hugged him, in the process checking that he’s ok, the course of motherly love, annoying as it might be.
“So how was it, Ram?” Asked Rena.
“It was great!” Said Ram with enthusiasm, “This time dad let me hold a sword, it was heavy, but I managed, Degar said that I got a future in fencing.”
“That’s great, but don't get all too excited, cause you won't be swinging a sword just yet." Said Rena to her son with a strict tone.
Looking down at the earth, Ram nodded, “Yes mother."
“Don’t be hard on him Rena.” Said Ram’s grandfather.
“I’m just being a parent, you would act the same." She smiled to her dad.
Smiling back, Ram grandfather couldn't miss the pride in her eyes, the pride she felt in her son.
After letting her son go and play with the other children in the village, her husband came, he held her by the shoulders from behind, and they both looked at Ram playing with a wooden sword with the other village's children.
“Look at him, how happy he is.” Said Ram's father with a soft tone.
Smiling at her husband, she looked back at her son, “Yes, he’s happy, but for how long?”
“As long as he'll have family to take care of him, and friends to rely on, he'll be happy, I know I am." He said with a cheering tone in his soft voice, smiling at his wife.
As the sun sets behind the Forest's horizon, the night skies began to awake from their slumber during the day, and the stars appeared, the villagers celebrated once more until the late hours of night, and then again the night skies returned back to their slumber as the sun appeared again, coloring the sky in a yellow hue, one day more, one life which will change, and there's no one which suspects, except one.
Still in their peruse of the bandits, Vhan and his group tried to get information about the bandits whereabouts, but with no success, tired of all the searching, the group went to an inn to relax from their tiring work.
“We’re trying to find a clue for the bandits base of operation for almost two weeks, and nothing.” Said Peters with anger.
“I never said that it’s going to be an easy mission, but something tells me that our luck is about to change." Vhan tried to cheer his comrade.
Feeling something weird in the surroundings, Torren looked around trying to search for the source of his strange feeling.
Noticing the mage's uneasiness, Vhan couldn't help but asking if there's something wrong.
Dismissing the feeling as a phantom, Torren told no and then elaborated, “I just had a weird feeling, something to do with magic, but it’s probably just a mirage of some sort.
“Are you sure?" Asked the gnome, Brod, he learned never to doubt a mage’s senses when it comes to unusual feelings.
“Yes, pretty much sure." Sighed the now at ease mage.
Vhan couldn't help it but give a little smile for the mage's sense of alert and said, “I think that I'll go ask the inn keeper if he have some information concerning the bandits.”
Leaving the rest of the group at the table, Vhan went to the counter to talk with the inn keeper, after asking several questions, the inn keeper turned to talk with one of the waitresses, and then he turned to face Vhan again, “Sir, is your name Vhan by any chance?”
“Yes it is, why do you ask?" Asked Vhan with suspicion that couldn't be ignored.
“I have received a note for you." The inn keeper handed the note to Vhan, opening the note, Vhan closely read it, with eyes wide open he look around him and looked back at the note, it only said 'Meet me in the alley outside the inn, I have information for the whereabouts of the bandits you seek, come alone.”
Thinking of what he's going to tell his friends, he returned to the table, and told them that he’s going for a second and that he'll be back soon, he didn't lie to them.
After leaving his comrades in the table, he went out of the inn's back door, looking for the note’s origin, after looking back and forward in the alley, he suddenly heard a voice behind him saying, “You have come alone, good."
Turning back, he saw 3 hooded figures, one in white, another in black, the center one in gray, it was the gray figure that was talking.
“Who are you?" Vhan asked, hardly hiding his distrust.
“Whoever I am is irrelevant, I have information which you need, will you accept it or not?" Said the gray figure with a monotonous tone.
Still cautious, Vhan couldn't help it and kept one hand near his sword, “How am I to know that your information is true."
“You don't need to know if it's true or not, but would a mercenary like you pass an opportunity like this? You might doubt our motives, but as a swordsman, your warrior code urges you to at least verify the information.” Questioned the gray figure, having a hint of cynicism toward Vhan, after a minute, the gray figure threw a scroll at Vhan’s direction, landing near Vhan’s boots.
Knowing that what the hooded figure was truth, Vhan couldn't deny what he is, and that as a swordsman he will investigate this never the less, even if it’s a mislead, or even worse, a trap. Still gazing with distrust at the hooded figures, he heard another sound behind him, he turned to see Torren, “What are you doing here?”
“I had the same feeling as before, so I came outside only to find you.” Torren said with a puzzled look in his eyes.
“Yes, I was summoned by this…” Vhan turned to point at the three hooded figures, only pointing at an alley’s dead end, not understand what just happened his hardly finished the sentence, “…Guys. There were three hooded figures here.”
“Are you sure?” Torren asked, then before the answer came from Vhan, Torren continued, “Wait, that would make sense for the magic I sensed, What happened?”
Still looking at the alley, Vhan then looked at the ground near his leg, he saw the scroll, kneeling besides it he picked it up and opened it, and then replied to Torren, “It seems that someone was eager to hand us information for the whereabouts of the bandits.”
“Who?” Asked Torren while looking at the map drawn on the scroll, the map was of the forest area outside the town, and it marked one of the villages with a circle.
“I would like to know as well, but whoever the people who gave me this were, we still need to check the location, and besides, look at this…” He pointed at several areas around the village, “Looks familiar?”
Inspecting the areas Vhan pointed at, Torren’s eyes open widen with realization, “Those are places which people got robbed by a bandit group, including our dear noble. How didn’t I come up with that?”
“We might have missed it, but now that we know, we must tell the nobleman.” He looked at the village spot on the map and then at Torren, “Now for the hard part of our job.”

Vhan knew that Lerr would be happy for the newly found information when he gave it to him several hours after he got it from the mysterious figures, but Vhan himself wasn’t, he was a mercenary, but he lived by a double standard a just swordsman, which is to kill only those who you perceive as a threat, he doubted that the people who robbed the nobleman are a serious threat to human life, and besides, he had to abandon the ways of his ancestors, for they don’t fit today’s world, but he couldn’t get rid of the conscience he had.
“So this is the origin of the foul commoners who stole my money?” Lerr’s voice couldn’t hide the greed in his voice.
“Me and my men have reason to believe so, further investigation shows that the village fits the pattern of attacks in the last month.” Vhan replied, being somewhat cold.
Smiling for the news, Lerr couldn’t hide he’s delight, “Wonderful, I like to go with my men now, and you will join us.”
Looking somewhat shocked for the smile Lerr had on his face, is that a man which seeks justice or pure revenge, Vhan knew the answer, and didn’t like it and said, “Better that we perform the attack tomorrow, the moon is dark, and we’ll see nothing.”
“Very well, I don’t want anyone to escape, so we’ll do it first thing in the morning, agreed?” Asked Lerr.
“Agreed.” Said Vhan with hesitation.
Hearing voices of foot steps behind a near by door, Lerr hurried to see who’s there, and due to the fact that he started to develop obsession and paranoia concerning the bandits, he had reason to believe that a spy was there.
Upon opening the door and ready to strike, he saw a frightened girl, it was his daughter, Milar.
Suddenly changing from his obsession and paranoia to that of fatherly love, Lerr held his daughter and said, “Sorry Milar, I’m truly sorry.” And he kept holding his daughter.
Seeing this from the side, Vhan saw that Lerr might have been consumed by the need for revenge, but deep inside, there’s a loving father as well, then looking at the mirror he thought ‘We live in a world of double standards, and I’m no different then him’.
Lerr looked at Vhan and said, “Tomorrow, early morning, be here.”
“Understood.” Vhan nodded and left the room, upon look behind him, he thought, ‘Tomorrow we’ll see the ugly face of man.’

“But I don’t want to go fishing.” Cried Ram.
The sun already disappeared behind the forest's horizon, having the skies in shades of dark blue with white dots of light, and the moon wasn't seen, for it was dark.
“Ram, grandfather wants to take you with you.” Said Ram’s father, “It’ll be fun, you’ll see.”
“Alright father, I will catch the biggest fish and bring it to the village.” Said Ram in defiance, he thought, if he have to do something, then he’ll do it the best way he can.
Messing his son’s hair, Ram’s father said with delight, “That’s the spirit, I know that you’ll bring the biggest fish you can, now go to sleep, you and grandfather will leave before the sun will rise.”
“Yes father.” Whispered the reluctant Ram.
Looking at his son, Ram’s father went on one knee, and hugged his son, and said, “Don’t worry son, I know you want me to come with you, but I can’t, I got a job to do.” The looking at his son’s eyes he said, “I will be thinking about you, and about the big fish you’ll bring.”
Smiling due to his father’s words, Ram didn’t feel as sad as before, and hugged his father tighter and said, “I better go to sleep, I need to get up early in the morning.”
After saying that, Ram ran to his room, looking at him, Ram’s father felt pride in his son, he then looked at his wife which was standing at the entrance to their bedroom, he smiled at her, and joined her in bed, the day was over, the night and darkness now awaited the dawn of a new day, as it was always, and as it will always be.

The sun didn’t appear yet from the east, but Ram and his grandfather were already ready for their trip to the lake.
They left for the lake, leaving the village behind.
Not far from there, on the side roads heading for the village, Vhan’s group marched, behind them were Lerr and his men.
Looking behind, Vhan had a mixed feelings of guilt and of duty, thinking of that while the first rays of the new born day emerged behind the trees, it was their signal, they had to walk fast before the village’s people will be awake, so he started to walk faster, seeing the others following him, seeing how the road started to widen in front of him, he knew that they were near, the village was ahead of them, so before breaking into the clearing the village was in, Vhan stopped.
“Why did you stop.” Asked Lerr from behind.
“Look in front of you, nobleman, we have reached our destination.” Said Vhan with dry cynicism.
Being serious, and not showing his delight, Lerr stood in front both his men and Vhan’s group and said, “People, don’t let anyone escape village.” He paused and then looked where the village was and gave the order, “Commence the attack!"
After the order was received, Lerr’s troops ran to the village with torches, with Vhan's group followed them from behind.
People who woke up early saw the soldiers with the torches running toward them, some scrambled to gather their weapons, they saw as some troops set the nearest structure to them on fire.
Ram’s father was already awake, and was fast in equipping his sword and armor, his wife went into hiding inside their house.
The sword clashed between the village's people to Lerr's men, Torren gave magic cover, overwhelming the villagers, Peter fired his arrows, but only injuring the villagers, not knowing that Lerr’s men had other ideas in mind.
Vhan approached with Lerr’s men attacking, but he didn't attack to kill, neither to would, he only dazed the people with the blunt edge of his sword, He saw the structures around him catching fire, he was too late to change his mind, he then saw a villager which armor and sword were not that of a common person, he was definitely the leader here.
“Get out of my village and I will let you live.” Said Ram's father to Vhan.
“I can't do this, I'm bound as a mercenary and as a swordsman." Replied Vhan with regret of what he is doing.
“Very well, then fight me, to the death, cause I won't show no mercy!” Cried Ram's father storming Vhan.
Vhan blocked the attack with his sword, he noticed that the sword was the same as his, of the same origin, ‘Who is this man?’ Thought Vhan to himself.
They fought one another, blocking each other's sword, bringing no end to their duel.

Not far on a hill outside the village, Ram saw smoke coming from the village's direction.
“Grandfather! There’s smoke from the village’s direction!” Cried a panicked Ram to his grandfather.
Lacking anything to say, cause he knew that this will happen, he was warned by the mysterious figures, what can he do or say? Will he stop him from running back? Will he let his grandson run to him doom? He thought about that and then said to Ram, “We better see what's going on there.” And started to walk back to the village as fast as possible, he hoped that when they'll be back in the village, whatever misfortune that passed there will be gone, but of course, that means that whoever been to the village will be dead already.
Ram run in his grandfather's speed, supporting him so he won't fall, making the journey back slower then Ram wished for.

Still wrecking havoc in the village, Lerr’s men burned structure after structure, causing the death of children, the men of the village were caught off guard, and along side with the women tried to held their ground.
Amidst the chaos, a duel occurred, sword against sword, a battle of cold steal, it was a battle between Ram's father and Vhan.
Vhan, tired from the on going battle, noticed that his opponent is the same, he admired his opponent’s fighting skills, but why would a swordsman such as his adversary will be living in a forgotten village.
“You fight well, mercenary.” Said Ram's father with what seemed to be respect.
“So do you.” He replied with the same sentiments, “Why would a warrior of your scale resort to being a common thief?”
Smiling at the remark, Ram’s father said, “I can ask why would a warrior such as you will lower himself to serve others for money?"
“You are correct, we both fell from our grace, but it's the curse of the gray era, and I have a mission to complete, as much as I dislike it.” Said Vhan with regret.
“I understand what you're feeling, I don't like holding the sword to kill and steal as well.” They were words that held sympathy, words that came from a commoner.
They both returned to a fighting stance, ready to strike to one another, a warrior to warrior, but before Ram's father could move to strike, he felt a sharp pain in his back, it was Lerr's dagger.
Vhan ran to Lerr and with amazement asked, “What have you done?"
“I have killed him, something you failed to do." He said with no emotions, with blank eyes and then he left to watch the work of him men.
Kneeling beside Ram's father who was sinking into a death, into the void which lies behind gray, black and white he then said, “I didn't want it to end like this.”
“I know, but before I die, I have several requests to ask from you.” Asked Ram’s father as he coughed blood.
“I shall do anything in my power to make those promises come to life, a swordsman’s word." The tears on Vhan’s face were hard to ignore, he felt remorse and regret for what he done, and sorrow, for himself.
“First, I, Karn son of Veris want to know the name of the person who I have the honor to fight against.” The words had no regret nor pain, only tone of respect.
“My name is Vhan son of Halor.” Vhan replied with tears and sadness.
Hearing him saying the name, he forces a smile and continued the second wish. ”Vhan son of Halor, my second wish is that you’ll give this sword to my son,” Karn, barely raised his sword, but Vhan helped him and held it in his hand, “give this sword to him when he’ll come to age, and don’t let him go astray in the gray world.” With those last words, Karn passed away, having a rest from the curse of the gray era.
Looking at the sword that was entrusted at him, he then looked around and saw bodies of women, men and children lying around, the houses were consumed by fire, and Lerr’s men were already drawing back into the forest, he clutched his fist on the sword, cutting it, he looked at the body of Karn, and spoke out loud, “The gray era took more victims for the mistakes of the past, I swear in my blood and the people that died here with no need, that this will change, this cursed era will end.”
Vhan got up and went back to his group, he saw remorse and regret on their faces as well, no one of them will be the same as they were, and with no words, only silent and the sound of fire, they turned to the forest from the place they came.

Finally arriving to the village, Ram and his grandfather saw nothing but ashes and dead bodies, walking with shock on their faces in the battlefield.
“Who would do this, grandfather?" Asked ram with tears and disbelief.
“I don't know, I honestly don't know.” The shock of what which occurred here was too much even for Ram's grandfather.
Looking around, Ram saw a figure lying on the ground, silent, Ram recognized the armor, it was his father's armor, unlike any other in the village, and it can't be mistaken for another.
Running to the body, ram stopped in front of it, “No, it can't be, it can’t be!" Ram cried as he saw the body of his father lying in blood.
Behind him, his grandfather looked at the grieving Ram, and the body of Ram’s father, Karn.
Thinking of what that have been told to him by the mysterious figures, Ram’s grandfather said quietly, “The wheels of fate are set in motion, they cannot be stopped, it is been done." And joined his grandson in grieving, many good men died this day, but this day, a soul of a child died in this chaos.

“Sword versus Magic, Steal Versus the will of the mind, so was the world of Kazmet before the curse of the gray era.
“But in the gray era, in the curse which surrounded the living, even a lost soul can find paths which lead it to the black or to the white.
“So the wheels of fate started setting the future of one life, and of a world."
"I do not discriminate people according to their gender, race, nationality and religion....
I do that according to their stupidity."
"Work best under the pressure of impending death."
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Nicely written. It's very interesting, and you should keep writing this.
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