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Charlie 2leen
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Item/Magic comarison, ragna blad/ sword of light/ every thing else

Ive been thinking about this for a while whuich weapons are more powerful?
-Ragna blade
-Ruby eyes blade
-Whip of darkness
-Hownling sword version 1
-Howling sword version 2 (Next)
-Filias club
-Zels enchanted sword
-Sword of light
-Bow of Light
-Tridant of Light
-Spear/lance? of Light
-Axe of Light
any other weapon/ magic weapons

I think it goes
1 Bow of light - giga slave combined with sword of light
2 ragna blade
3 Axe of light
4 Tridant of Light
5 Ruby eyes blade-Spear/lance of light
6 sword of light
7 Howling sword v2
8 howling sword v1
9 Zels enchanted sword
10 whip of darkness
11 Filias club

please post your opinions or add weapons.

0::::::{===========> Zels sword
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Is Filias mace even enchanted? I thought it was just really heavy.

Wasn't the bow a seperate weapon in itself? Like all the light weapons you could empower it with a spell though. If you consider all the weapons of light to be about the same then, when channeling the giga slave, they are definetly more powerful the ragna blade. Lina manages to kill one of the pieces of Lord Ruby Eye using the sword of light + giga slave. She doesn't quite manage to kill Gaav with the Ragna blade though.
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