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heart havok
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i believe there should certainly be a .hack forum... not only limited to the anime series .hack//SIGN though, as i saw previously suggested in a thread. as there are countless other things related to .hack that could be discussed in the forum, such as the following:
  • .hack//Liminality [OVAs]
  • .hack//Dusk [manga]
  • .hack//AI Buster [novel]
  • .hack//Infection Expansion [PS2 game]
  • .hack//Maligant Mutation [PS2 game]
  • .hack//Erosion Pollution [PS2 game]
  • .hack//Absolute Encirclement [PS2 game]
  • .hack//Tasogare no Yubiwa Densetsu [television series]
  • and .hack//SIGN [television series] is even tentatively scheduled to air on Cartoon Network in February 2003.

Thus, with the game/OVA releases, U.S. DVD releases, the airing on Cartoon Network, and the Japanese manga and novel, and even the new television series [based on the manga], .hack//Twilight (.hack//Tasogare...), to begin airing in Japan - all in 2003 - there's quite a bit of attention to be getting at the wonderful story that is created in the World of .hack

.hack certainly isn't for everybody, but i'm not a fan of MMORPGs and still grately enjoy the series... for me, it's a series that's certainly up there with Evangelion, Lain, Boogiepop, Bebop, Noir, Arjuna, Escaflowne, FLCL, and Kare Kano...

i believe .hack is very well deserving of its own forum, but certainly not one for .hack//SIGN alone.
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Fatal Outlaw
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yes, .hack needs a forum (where would it go under though?). although not too many people here have seen it...i think it'll be a great once the dvd is released and when the anime is on CN. the bad thing is the dvd release of hack sign may not be until Septe,ber-October in Australia...
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there's a lot to discuss about .hack ... i think a dedicated forum would be really useful
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