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Banner of the Stars?

I have seen Crest of the Stars and liked it but I haven't seen any of Banner of the Stars and I was wondering if it is any good to get? As I have read that their is some translation errors in it at some points. Does this affect it at all?

Also recently I have read about Banner of the Stars 2, anyone know something about what this is like?
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Banner of the Stars is basically season 2 of Crest of the Stars, so it's basically a continuation. I've seen 9-episodes so far and I think it's very good. I don't think it's as good as Crest of the Stars, but definitely worth getting if you enjoyed Crest of the Stars.

Banner of the Stars II is basically season 3 of the Crest of the Stars saga. Haven't seen any yet, though I definitely look forward to it since I'm a Crest of the Stars fan.
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There's an actual Crest of the Stars forum over here, so that would be a better place to ask your questions.

Banner is a little bit different to Crest; it has a greater emphasis on space battles, though the relationship between Jinto and Lafiel is still the core of the series. I probably liked it, on reflection, about as much as I did Crest. I don't really know about translation errors; I think some of the episodes I saw were fansubbed, and there were differences in the translations of certain things, but I didn't have any problem following it or anything.

I didn't like Banner of the Stars 2 as much as I did the first two series, as Jinto and Lafiel spend a lot of time apart. Still, it was pretty good.

There's also a Crest of the Stars movie, but that seems to just be a re-tread of the first series (I've only seen the first 25 minutes or so). I seem to recall reading something about an OVA, that doesn't feature Jinto and Lafiel, but I haven't seen that.
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the OAV is called "birth", it's like a prequil episode to the series and follows lafiels parents.

all of the series is based on a few novels.
the movies are just reiterated episodes.
afaik the end of the 2nd banner of the stars series is the end of the anime, it's a pretty decent ending at that too, as far as endings go.

it's all up there in my list of favorite anime.
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It doesn't *have* to be the end. Morioka has taken, like, a two year break from writing any more novels. He says he has plans to write several more. If he ever gets around to it soon, they will probably make more adaptations into Anime. All three were selling in the Top Ten in Japan back when they were released. As long as it remains popular there, they will probably continue making the anime as long as Morioka continues writing the books.
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[Moving to the Crest of the Stars forum.]
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