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Post Original Fan Fic

OK peeps my name is Psyche and I am one of the newbies from the Animeshack. I have been writing a fan fic there and I am going to start by posting the first couple of chapters here. So to ppl from the shack who have been reading it there will not be any new ones yet but dont worry the new chapters will be coming soon .

The planet Minos was swept in chaos and war. A planet full of mystical creatures, and
magic. All of the 6 countries Atreus, Baucis, Clytie, Vesta, Remus and Pollux were all at war with each other. The evil dictator King Tithonus of the country Pollux strived for world domination. But to get his world domination he must find the Dragon's Eye a gem that gives its owner ultimate power over everything. But in the country Clytie a group or radical dreamers called Scylla have vowed to stop the evil Tithonus before he destroyed the planet.

There was fire everywhere. People were screaming in pain as they tried to runaway from the fight. Delphi watched in terror from her hiding spot in a hollow tree stump. Her mother had instructed her to hide there until she came back to get her. Delphi grabbed at her knees as she heard the screams that came from her friends and family. Tears flowed from her eyes as she watched from a hole in the tree as the men were killed and the women were taken. Delphi was so afraid. Then she saw her mother. Had she come back to retrieve her? No, one of the soldiers had her in his grip and was taking her away. The man was tall with blonde hair, blue eyes and scar on his cheek. Delphi wanted to call out to her mother but her mother made her promise that she would not yell out. Delphi watched as her mother struggled to try to get away from the man who had her in his grip. Just then Delphi saw her father come up behind the man but before her father could do anything an arrow flew thought the air piercing his heart. Delphi watched as her father fell to the ground.
"Papa!" Delphi screamed. The soldier turned his head in the direction of the stump. An
evil grin spread across his face. Delphi watched as he started to make his way towards the tree stump. Delphi's mother kicked and struggled as the soldier dragged her with him. Delhpi's mother kicked the man in the groin and he let go of her.
"Run Delphi", her mother yelled as the soldier took his sword and hit it on her back
killing her. Delphi jumped out of the tree stump and ran as fast as she could though the
forest. The soldier was in hot pursuit. Delphi did not know how long she could keep
running. It was dark and her vision was blurred because of all the tears in her eyes. Delphi tripped on a tree root that jetted out of the ground. She fell to the ground. Delphi rolled over onto her back and looked. The soldier was towering over her now. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. Delphi was helpless. The man dragged her back in the direction of the burning village.
"Help me someone!" Delphi cried out loud.
"No one can hear you! Stupid girl!" the man said covering her mouth. Delphi bit hard into
his hand and he began to bleed. The man yelled in pain and released Delphi. Delphi took off running. She did not know where she was going and stopped at the ledge of a cliff. She was trapped again she saw the man come up behind her. She glanced off the cliff. It was a long way down she could not jump she would be killed. Delphi did not know what to do.
"You little brat! Now you have no where to go." the man said in a cruel voice. Delphi
looked at the man and then at the cliff. She would rather die then go with him. She backed
off to the edge of the cliff slowly and then jumped off it. Delphi fell she closed her eyes and waited for what she knew was coming... her death. But it did not come. Delphi opened her eyes to see she was in the arms of a young man riding a dragon away from the cliff.
"Who are you?" Delphi asked the young man.
"Morpheus" the young man answered....
Delphi woke up from her dream or rather her nightmare that really happened to her when
she was 10 years old. That was 9 years ago making her 18 now. She sat up in her bed and
her long black hair that came down to her waist fell in front of her face. She brushed it back behind her ears and slid out of her bed. She walked over to the window of the room and looked out into the world with her aqua coloured eyes. The sun was rising above the mountains. The view took her breath away. It was so peaceful and she wished that
everything could be as peaceful as the scene she was looking at right now. Delphi soon
came back to the reality of the world that she was in. It was not peaceful. It was full of chaos. She lowered her head and turned away from the window. She had to get dressed and start making breakfast or she would get yelled at. She changed into a simple blue dress and made her way to the kitchen. She started to cook breakfast when the others came in....
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Talking Chapter 2

Delphi watched as the three brothers walked in. The youngest of the brothers walked in
first. Demeter he was not very tall. He was the same height as Delphi was. He had silver
eyes and wild blonde hair. Demeter was a very kind hearted young man. He was the same
age as Delphi was and was training to be a mage.
"Good morning Demeter." Delphi said greeting him.
"Good morning Delphi what's for breakfast?" Demeter asked trying to see what she was
cooking. Delphi crossed her arms.
"Is that all you think about?" Delphi said with a laugh.
"That and magic." Nisus said putting Demeter in a headlock and started messing up
Demeter's hair.
"Hey! That's not fair you are taller and stronger than I am!" Demeter protested as he tried to break free of Nisus. Nisus was the middle brother. Who was 21. Had silver eyes and short black hair. He was taller than Delphi was. He was a Knight of Clytie. He was always getting in fights with his older brother Morpheus. Who was 24 years old.
"Let him go right now!" Morpheus demanded.
"Oh come on Morpheus I was just having alittle fun. Lighten up a little will ya", Nisus said letting go of Demeter. Morpheus just looked down at him with his silver eyes. His sliver hair fell in front of his eyes and he brushed it away. He was taller than Nisus was and was very serious. He was a dragon rider and was the one who had saved Delphi when she was 10. He brought her home after he had saved her life and ever since then the three brothers had treated her like a little sister. Delphi smiled as he entered the room.
"Good morning Morpheus", Delphi said as she gave him a big hug which usually got him
to cheer up a little but he did not. He did not even smile. He just walked away from her to sit at the table. Delphi frowned and lowered her head. Then looked at the other brothers. Demeter noticed her frown.
"Hey Delphi were is my hug?" Demeter said hitting his foot to the ground. Delphi smiled
walked over to him and gave him a hug by then Nisus was there with his arms open and
Delphi gave him his hug to. Delphi walked back into the kitchen. Demeter and Nisus sat
down at the table with Morpheus.
"Morpheus don't you think that you were a little insensitive to Delphi? She was just trying to cheer you up." Demeter said. Morpheus just looked at Demeter then over at Nisus.
"Nisus did you not tell him?" Nisus lowered his head.
"Tell me what?" Demeter demanded. Morpheus sighed.
"Pollux has declared war on Clytie"
"But I thought that they said that if we gave them the country that there would be no
blood shed?"
"Yes but the king refuses to give it up so..." The three brothers sighed. Delphi walked in with a tray. On it was some bread, butter, fruit and eggs. She set it on the table. The four began to eat when someone burst through the back door.
"Nisus! The castle fell under attack and the princess was taken!" the man said falling to the ground. Delphi ran to him but he was already dead. Delphi stood up her hands were soaked with blood.
"What!" Nisus said standing up. He looked over at Morpheus and Morpheus nodded his
"We can take Boreas. Come on!" Morpheus said getting to his feet. The brothers ran out back and Morpheus called Boreas. Delphi ran after them. She had changed into a pair of black shorts, corseted red top, black netted jacket, black gloves, and black boots.
"Wait!" She yelled running out the door. She fell because her boots were not done up.
She stood up.
"Where do you think your going?" Morpheus asked Delphi.
"With you guys", Delphi answered.
"No you cant come with us it is to dangerous", Morpheus said. He knew that Delphi was not going to go back inside unless he made her so he picked her up and carried her back into the house. He placed her down and looked down at her. She did not look very happy. She looked up at him with her aqua coloured eyes.
"Come on we have to go!" Demeter yelled in through the door way. Delphi just looked up
at Morpheus. Morpheus shook his head.
"I know I am going to regret letting you come" Morpheus said. Delphi jumped up and
down then gave him a hug. They ran outside and Demeter and Nusis were already on
the dragon. Morpheus picked up Delphi and climbed to the dragons neck. He held Delphi
as he told Boreas to move. The dragon took off and the four flew to the castle.
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Talking Chapter 3

Delphi looked down off the dragon at the land below her. There was destruction all around the castle. Delphi eyes filled with horror. The Pollux army was gone and all that they left was destruction. Morpheus landed the great dragon and Nusis jumped off.
"Come on Delphi and Demeter!" Nusis yelled up at them. Demeter was slowly getting off
when Morpheus pushed him off. Demeter attempted to land on his feet but he fell to his
butt. Delphi was about to jump down when Morpheus grabbed her by the waist and
jumped down with her.
"Oh I see you help carry her down but you just push me off." Demeter said rubbing his
back side. Delphi began to laugh.
"Delphi this is no laughing matter! We must go see what is going on!" Nusis said. Delphi
stopped laughing. All of a sudden knights came out of the castle and greeted Nusis.
"What went on here?" Nusis asked.
"We were attacked", one of the knights answered.
"And the king?" Nusis asked.
"He is safe we managed to get him out of the castle before they broke through." The
knight answered.
"And the princess?" Nusis demanded.
"She was taken..." The knight answered.
LIFE!" Nusis raised his hand and hit the knight again. The knight fell to the ground. Nusis
kicked the knight. Delphi had never seen Nusis so full of rage. It scared her. Nusis kicked the knight again.
"NUSIS!" Delphi yelled. She grabbed onto his arm and tried to pull him away from the
beaten up knight. "Nusis please stop! This is not like you." Nusis looked down at Delphi
she had tears in her eyes.
"Delphi I'm sorry..." Nusis said. "It is just... Well you know how I feel about the
"I know, and if you really care about her then you should start looking for her." Delphi
said letting go of his arm.
"You right Delphi." Nusis said as he grabbed the knights arm and pulled him to his feet.
"Form a party of men and start looking for the princess at once!" Nusis ordered at the
"I am afraid that is not going to happen." a voice said coming down a flight of stairs.
"What do you mean it is not going to happen?" Nusis demanded. Just then the king
appeared and Nusis fell to his knees. Delphi watched everyone fall to their knees and
Morpheus pulled her down with him.
"I am sorry you majesty for talking back to you. I was unaware that it was you. But I
must ask why you will not send a party of men to save the...", Nusis said nervously.
"Silence Nusis! We don’t have enough men to go look for her." The kings voice rang out.
"But your majesty...I will go look for her then."
"NO! You are to stay here"
"You dare disobey me Nusis?" Nusis stood up.
"I am sorry your majesty but I cant not stay here knowing that they have her", Nusis said
walking to the door.
"Nusis you walk out that door and you are exiled from this country" The king said.
"I guess that that is the price I will have to pay for love", Nusis said turning around to
walk out the door. Delphi could not believe what Nusis had just done. Her thoughts where
interrupted by Morpheus.
"Come on we are leaving", he whispered in her ear. Delphi stood to her feet and followed
him and Demeter out the door. Morpheus caught up with Nusis.
"Brother are you aware about what you just did?" Morpheus said placing his hand on
Nusis shoulder.
"Yes I am", Nusis said stopping and turning around to look at his brother. "I love her too
much Morpheus. I am going to search until I find her"
"But once you find her you will not be able to return" Demeter said piping up.
"I don’t care as long as I am with her" Nusis said.
Delphi just stood there watching the brothers in their discussion. Just then someone grabbed Delphi and held a dagger to her neck.
"Don’t move or she gets it", the man said. The brothers turned and saw Delphi.
"DELPHI!" Morpheus yelled he moved forward.
"Don’t move!" The man said holding the dagger closer to her neck.
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Thumbs up Comments are welcome!

If you have any comments about my story so far feel free to share them.
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Talking Chapter 4

Delphi could feel the cold blade of the dagger against her neck. It sent shivers down her
"Delphi!" Morpheus yelled. He tried to move forward but the other brothers pulled him
back knowing that they could not test to see if the man was going to hurt her or not. The
man who was a solider from the Polloux army. Must have hid himself during
the battle and not come out until his army had left. Leaving him helpless until an easy prey
like Delphi came along creating a chance for him to get away.
"If you hurt her I will..." Morpheus said threatening the man. Delphi could tell that he was
full of rage.
"Or you will what?" The solider said with a laugh. "Don't worry I would not want to hurt
such a beautiful creature as she is" The man said running his hand up and down her arm.
Morpheus watched the solider running his hands up and down Delphi then he watched as
the man pulled back her hair and kissed the back of her neck.. The rage in Morpheus got
stronger and stronger by the minute. Delphi watched as his silver eyes turned blood red.
"Well I would love to stay but I must be going" the man said pulling Delphi with him. The
man pulled Delphi outside. Delphi kicked trying to brake free of the man but it was no use.
"Let me go!" Delphi demanded.
"Shut up you stupid women" The man said pulling her along.
Morpheus and his brothers followed the man outside. Morpheus's eyes were still a blood
red. A funny coloured light started to glow around him. He watched the man pull Delphi
"I am, going to put an end to this" He said to this brothers.
"No wait!" Demeter said trying to stop his brother.
"Stop there!" Morpheus demanded. The man turned around to see Morpheus.
"I thought I told you not to move" The man said. "Pity, now I am going to have to hurt
her." The man said taking the dagger and pressing down gently on Delphi's neck he
glided it across. Delphi cried out in pain as the blood trickled down her neck.
Morpheus's eyes turned from red to black. Just then the man felt something behind him he
turned around to see a great dragon behind him. The dragon's eyes were black too. The
dragon let out a loud roar took his massive claw and wrapped in around the mans head.
The man let go of Delphi and she stumbled backwards and Morpheus picked her up in his
"Crush him!" Morpheus ordered to the big dragon.
"No wait" Nusis said. "He might know were they took the princess" Morpheus just
looked at his brother.
"Don’t crush him!" Morpheus ordered the dragon. The dragon wrapped its claw around
the mans waist so that he couldn't move. Nusis walked towards him.
"Where did they take the princess?" Nusis demanded. The man did not say anything. Nusis
hit him across the face. "I am going to ask you again where did they take the princess?"
Nusis continued to question the man while Morpheus turned to Demeter.
"Demeter heal her neck with your magic" Demeter nodded his head. Morpheus laid Delphi
on the ground. Demeter walked around Delphi in a circle. Then he reached into a bag and
pulled out something and threw it on Delphi. A bring white light came from the cut and
the cut healed. Delphi opened her eyes and Morpheus kneeled down beside her. Delphi sat
up she knew that she was in trouble.
"Delphi ?" Morpheus said with concern in his eyes.
"I'm sorry Morpheus I know you did not want me to come. And I begged you to let me
come... and it was my fault that I was taken... and... and" Tear streamed from her eye.
Morpheus moved his arms around her.
"Hush Delphi" He said kissing her forehead.
"Her skin is soft don’t you agree?" the man said.
"What?" Morpheus answered to the man.
"I said her skin is soft at least the skin on her neck was soft when I kissed it", The man
said grinning. Morpheus's rage returned he stood up walked over to the man and hit his
face. The man spat up blood.
"How dare you touch her" Morpheus said hitting him over and over again. "Now you tell
my brother here where the princess is and I might spare your life. The man did not say
"That’s it kill him!" Morpheus ordered the dragon. The dragon roared then began to
squeeze him.
"She is in a fortress... north of here...about 10 miles... now let me go..." Morpheus turned
around walked over to Delphi.
"Hey you said that you would spare my life..." The man said.
"No I didn’t. I said I might spare your life" Morpheus said turning around to look at the
man one last time. The man face was full of horror. He knew what was coming to him.
The man cried out loud. Delphi turned from the man and buried her head into
Morpheus's chest as the dragon silenced the man forever. Morpheus brought his arms and
wrapped them around her.
"Come on Nusis it is time we go save the princess" Morpheus said looking over at him.
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Talking Chapter 5

Delphi looked up at Morpheus.
“How do we know whether or not he was telling the truth?” She said looking into his eyes which had returned to it’s original colour.
“I guess there is only one way to find out and that is to go look.” Morpheus answered her.
“But what if it is a trap? What if he lied? What if there is nothing there? What if…” Delphi was interrupted.
“And what if she is there?” Nusis said with hope in his eyes. Delphi could see that he blamed himself for the princess begin taken away. Delphi shivered a little. It was getting dark the sun was setting. Morpheus noticed her shiver and put an arm around her shoulder.
“You ok?” Morpheus said rubbing her shoulder.
“Yeah I am fine. I am just a little cold right now that is all” Delphi said. Morpheus took off his thick hide jacket and placed it around her. Demeter watched Morpheus try to warm up Delphi. He took a note at the way that Morpheus was acting and looking at Delphi. It was not the usual way he always looked at her. It seemed different. It seemed more loving and caring. Morpheus was acting different and Demeter wanted to make it known that he knew this. And he also wanted to embarrass him. Demeter knew the way that Delphi felt about Morpheus and it was not in the brother and sister way that Morpheus thought.
“Oh Morpheus!” Demeter said with an evil grin on his face. “I’m a little cold too you think that you could give me your shirt since Delphi already has your jacket?” Demeter said with a laugh. Morpheus glared at his little brother. Delphi noticed the glare and began to laugh a bit. She then noticed that Morpheus looked a little hurt because she began to laugh at what Demeter had said.
“What? Demeter are you jealous that Morpheus is giving me the jacket and his attention instead of you?” Delphi said taking the jacket and giving to him. She then wrapped Morpheus’s arms around her shoulders and looked at Demeter. “You can have his jacket but his attention is still mine.” She said sticking out her tongue. Delphi and Demeter laughed and then their attention turned to Nusis. Nusis’s eyes where full of sorrow and sadness.
“Can we go now?” Nusis said in a low voice. Morpheus nodded his head and called Boreas and the great dragon landed in front of them. They all jumped on the dragon and flew into the direction the man had told them…
It took them a couple hours but they made it to the hideout. They landed near the hideout and looked up at it. It was small but had huge walls around it. And guards everywhere.
“That is a lot of guards for a small hideout”, Morpheus said with a smile. Nusis’s eyes filled up with hope.
“There are some many guards. How are we suppose to get in to even look around? There are too many of them.” Demeter said. Nusis’s hope turned back into sorrow. Delphi could not stand to see Nusis like this.
“I could get you in.” Delphi piped up. “You guys could use me as a distraction.”
“And how could you do that?” Demeter asked. Delphi took off her jacket and gloves and strained her hair. She then walked over to Boreas and pulled a long black cape with a hood from the riding bag and put it on and pulled the hood over her head.
“Oh no!” Morpheus said. “That is not going to happen.”
“But you need a distraction” Delphi said crossing her arms. Just then from one of the windows Nusis saw the princess.
“Princess!” Nusis said. He was about to move but Morpheus and Demeter held him back.
“You guys need my help.” Delphi said. “come on let me do it nothing will happen” Morpheus looked at Nusis who was trying to break free of this brothers. Morpheus sighed
“This is another thing I know I am going to regret letting you do.”
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Talking Chapter 6

Delphi knew the task at hand was going to be easy. If she knew one thing about men it was that they where suckers for compliments about themselves about how big they are and strong blah blah blah… She placed the hood of the cape over herself so they could not see her face at first. She stepped out near the entry way and began to walk forward to it.
“Who is there?” one of the guards called out. Delphi stepped into the light of the lanterns that were lit around the wall. “Who are you?” One of the guards said putting his hand ready on his sword. Delphi pulled back her hood and began to cry.
“I’m sorry to bother you strong men but I am lost and I don’t know where I am”, Delphi said pulling a handkerchief from her top and began to wipe her eyes. The guards just looked at each other and then a sly grin swept across their faces.
“There, there” one of them said walking closer to Delphi. He walked up to her and placed his hand on Delphi’s shoulder. As soon as the man touched Delphi’s shoulder Morpheus was already to rip his head off for touching Delphi… his Delphi. Demeter and Nusis had to hold there older brother back to keep him from ruining the plan.
“Are you ok?” The guard asked Delphi.
“I’m ok now”, Delphi said looking up at the man. Then man grinned. “I am ok now that I am with both of you,” Delphi said looking at the other man who sat up in the chair he was sitting in.
“You must be tired” The guard said extending out his hand. Delphi took it and the man led her to the chair. Delphi sat down and crossed her legs. The guards just stared at her.
“So why are you here all alone?” The guard said looking down at Delphi with a big smile painted on his face.
“Well I went for a walk and I got lost… so I kept on moving north and then I found this place.” Delphi said playing with her hair.
“Lucky you found us” One of the guards said.
“Yeah there are a lot of scary things out there that could hurt a pretty little thing like you” The other guard jumped in saying.
“I guess I am lucky to fine such strong and handsome men as you two are because I know that I am safe now. But I was wondering if one of you could take a look at my leg I hurt it on my way here”, Delphi said pulling back her cape and extending her leg so that the guards could look at it. The guard raced to her leg.
“I don’t see anything miss”, one of them said.
“Oh well maybe you are not looking hard enough”, Delphi said placing her hand on his hand and gently glided it up her leg. Morpheus watched from the bushes. He clenched his fist.
“Oh Morpheus! It looks like the plan is working a little to well!” Demeter pointed out. Just then Delphi began to laugh at a joke that one of the guards had told her.
“Um, If it is not took much trouble could one of you get me a drink of water?” I am really really hot. Delphi said taking off her cape exposing her corseted shirt to the men.
“I will get that for you”, one of the guards said running off. Delphi just smiled and ran her hand through her hair. She dropped her handkerchief and was about to pick it up when the man dropped down and picked it up for her. He handed it to her and Delphi grabbed at his arm.
“Wow you have very strong muscles” she said touching his arm. The man grinned. By this time Demeter and Nusis had to pull Morpheus away from the bushes.
“Come on Morpheus we have to go now”, Nusis said.
“But we can’t leave her there. I don’t trust them with her.” Morpheus said. Trying to pull away from his brothers.
“I can’t believe it!” Demeter said. “Your jealous!” Demeter said poking his brother.
“I’m not jealous!” Morpheus said turning to his brothers.
“Oh come on Morpheus! I’m not an idiot. I can see it in the way you look at her… You love her”, Demeter said looking over at Delphi who was still playing around with the stupid guard. Morpheus just glared at his brother then he heard Delphi laugh and he turned his head to see her.
“OK! I love her… like a little sister that’s it ”, Demeter shook his head.
“Do you think that I am blind? I can see it in your eyes you wish that you were the one there with her as she told you how great you were.” Demeter said looking over at Nusis who looked like he had ants in his pants because he was waiting for them to go and get the princess with him.
“And believe me brother does she ever think you are great. She tells me all the time” Nusis said piping up. “But she will not think that you are too great if you don’t stop worrying about her and help me get to the princess.” Nusis said. Morpheus looked at Delphi then at his brother.
“Alright lets go then.” Morpheus said getting one last look at Delphi. They began to climb the wall of the fortress. They landed at the top of the wall and began to look around. Just then the princess appeared in a window again.
“Princess!” Nusis yelled. He began to climb the ledge to get to the window where she was. Just then she disappeared from the window again. Nusis made it to the window and pulled himself into the room. Demeter watched him.
“Man the things men do for love eh? Morpheus” Demeter said watching Nusis. “Morpheus?” Demeter turned around to see him staring down at Delphi with sad eyes.
“Oh come on Morpheus she is only acting”.
Nusis pulled himself into the room. The princess was sitting on a chair looking into a mirror.
“Princess?” Nusis said making his way to her. The princess turned around. She saw Nusis. She stood to her feet and ran into his arms. She cried out a little but Nusis silenced her pressing his lips against hers. Nusis held the princesses slender body close to his. They broke their kiss and Nusis looked down at her. Her strawberry blonde hair was a perfect match with her green eyes. She was wearing a light blue dress that was fit for a princess.
“Nusis how did you find me?” she sobbed into his chest.
“Hush princess…” Nusis said placing his hand on her face.
“Don’t call me princess… call me Maia” She said pulling herself up to kiss him again passionately. Their kiss was interrupted by Demeter and Morpheus they had climbed up after Nusis in a hurry.
“Um… sorry to interrupt but we have a problem…” Demeter said glaring at Morpheus…
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Talking Chapter 7

“What do you mean we have a problem?” Nusis said with Maia still in his arms.
“Lets just say that Morpheus here got a little too jealous”, Demeter said glaring at his older brother.
“What did he do?” Nusis demanded.
“Well lets just say that he foolishly gave away the fact that we are here” Demeter said but he could not finish his sentence. Soldiers and guards began to ram into the door.
“We have to get out of here now!” Nusis said. He looked out the window just as an arrow flew passed his head nearly hitting him.
“We can’t go out the window it is to dangerous” Nusis said pulling his head back into the window. Just then 8 guards broke through the door. Nusis stood in front of Maia followed by Morpheus and then Demeter.
“No matter what happens don’t let them take the princess back!” Nusis said to his brothers. The brothers nodded back but all Morpheus could think about was Delphi and whether or not she was ok. The 8 guards began to charge at the brothers. Morpheus and Nusis drew there swords while Demeter helped out by using his magic to create a wall at the window so that guards could not come threw. Morpheus and Nusis continued to thrust their swords into the guards that came at them. Soon the last guard fell and Nusis grabbed Maia by the arm and pulled her out the door. Morpheus led the way killing any guards that got in his way. Demeter followed behind everyone making sure that no one was following them as they made their way through the fortress trying to find away out.
The guard in front of Delphi fell to the ground and she continued to move on ward. She had to get to the others. They needed her help. She made her way through the vast hallways. Guards charging at her. She had her cape over her face so they could not see it. She ran through the hallways. She did not see any guards coming. She made her way down the hallway when she heard Morpheus’s voice. She started to run fast when someone grabbed her.
“Got ya!” the man said pulling Delphi into him. He pushed her up against the wall. “Ok now lets see the face of the one causing us all our problem right now.” The man pulled off the hood. “What a girl?” The man said. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and Delphi had to admit that he was cute. He looked down at her. “So you’re the one causing all our problems?” The man said. He realised Delphi. “Go on! I am not going to turn you in. I am not about to hurt a female it is just not right especial one as pretty as you” the man said taking her hand and placing a kiss on it. Delphi looked down at him dumb founded. He was letting her go. The man bowed and then was about to walk away when Morpheus and the others came around the corner slamming right into him. The man fell to the ground stunned.
“What?” Morpheus said trying to get his footing.
“Morpheus!” Delphi said running into his arms. Morpheus was a little shocked because he did not see her there until she ran into his arms. “Oh I was so worried about you guys!” Delphi said.
“Delphi! Your alright!” Morpheus said pulling her into him.
“Who this?” Nusis said pulling the man to his feet. “Did he try to hurt you?” Nusis demanded. Delphi did not know what to say.
“Man Morpheus you knocked him out cold.” Demeter said.
“Leave him here!” Morpheus said stroking the back of Delphi’s head.
“No we can’t!” Delphi said.
“Delphi are you out of your mind?” Demeter said. “He is one of them!”
“NO, he helped me! Delphi said looking over at the man.
“What do you mean helped you?” Demeter said giving her a confused look.
“Well he was going to turn me in but he decided not to!” Delphi said looking over at Demeter and then up at Morpheus. She started to give him the look she always gave him when she wanted something or wanted to do something. Morpheus sighed again.
“Once again Delphi you have talked me into another one of your crazy ideas” Delphi smiled at him. Then out of the blue Morpheus took his hand and placed it behind her back pulling her into him. He moved his hand under her chin and lifted her face. He moved into her and their lips were inches away from each other.
“Um… Sorry to interrupt” Maia said from behind them. “But we have to go before the guards find us.”
“You know the way out?” Morpheus asked. Delphi could feel his breath as he spoke.
“Yeah it’s this way” Delphi said turning around pointing in the other direction then the others had come.
“Excellent!” Nusis said grabbing on to Maia’s hand and pulling her along. Morpheus picked up the man and threw him over his shoulder. Delphi followed behind him and Demeter after her as they made their way back outside. They got to the outside of the fort and Demeter cast a spell creating a magical wall around them as Morpheus called for the great dragon. The dragon landed in front of them and they all climbed on. The dragon was slow taking off because of the extra weight. But it still managed to take off and fly off in to the distance. The sun had set and it was dark. Maia hand fallen asleep in Nusis arms and Delphi was almost asleep to. Morpheus noticed this and landed the great dragon. In the forest where the army could not find them. They would have to set up camp for the night. And see how things would go in the morning. Delphi yawned and rested her head on Morpheus. She was about to fall asleep when the man from the fortress started to wake up…
“Where am I?” The man said touching his head. Morpheus had his hand on his sword ready to draw at anytime. Delphi looked at Morpheus then walked over to the man. “What am I doing here?” The man said.
“We brought you here.” Delphi said. Examining the man.
“Why?” The man said scratching his head.
“Well because I thought that you did not belong at the fortress” Delphi said.
“So you kidnapped me?” The man said still confused.
“No…” Delphi replied. “I just thought that… well that…” Delphi did not really know the reason why she begged Morpheus to let them take him with them.
“I cant believe it!” The man said.
“Believe what?” Morpheus answered stepping closer to Delphi keeping an eye on the man.
“I asked god for help and he sent me an angel.” The man said taking Delphi’s hand and placing a small kiss on it. Delphi blushed a little. Morpheus glared at the man.
“Well…” Morpheus was going to say his name but he did not know it.
“Oh excuse my rudeness” the man said standing up. “My name is Erebus. And I have been trying to get away from that place for years. Ever since I was little I have been trained to fight for evil but I will no longer fight for evil anymore” Erebus finished and Morpheus did not believe a word he had said. “And what might your name be my little angel?” Erebus said looking at Delphi smiling sweetly. Delphi smiled back.
“Her name is Delphi” Morpheus said placing his hand on her waist. “My name is Morpheus. “Those two sleeping against the tree would be my second younger brother Nusis with the princess Maia. And that little mage over there would be my youngest brother Demeter.”
“I see” Erebus said putting his hand underneath his chin. “And you and Delphi are brother and sister?”
“No we aren’t” Morpheus said “Look Erebus you can stay with us as long as you like. But I don’t know what we are going to be doing or even where we are going. For now we are just going to rest and see what happens in the morning.” Erebus looked at Morpheus nodded his head and sat back down.
“I will see what I will be doing in the morning.” He leaned against a tree.
“Goodnight little angel… I mean Delphi” Erebus said before closing his eyes. Morpheus lead Delphi away from Erebus.
“Are you hungry or thirsty Delphi?” Morpheus asked her. Delphi turned around and look up at Morpheus.
“No I am fine don’t worry” She placed her hand on his chest and felt something warm and wet. She pulled her hand back looked down and could see blood.
“Morpheus your bleeding!” Delphi said looking down at her hands.
“Oh that is nothing don’t you worry about it.”
“Here let me take a look at it.”
“No Delphi I’m fine” Morpheus said.
“Morpheus take off you shirt right now!”
“What???” Morpheus said.
“I said take off you shirt” Delphi said almost pulling it off herself. Morpheus pulled off his shirt and presented his broad muscular chest to Delphi. Delphi began to blush a little.
“What?” Morpheus said.
“What do you mean what? Delphi said confused.
“Your blushing”, Morpheus said teasing her.
“I’m not blushing!” Delphi protested. She looked away from him. “Come on I need to clean the cut before it gets any worse” She took his hand and pulled him to the side of a little stream away from everyone. She kneeled down and pulled Morpheus beside her and leaned him up against a tree. She ripped off a part of her cape dipped it into the stream and began to clean the cut. Delphi cleaned out the cut and then made a bandage for it. When she was done she kissed the bandage. “There all better” Delphi looked up at Morpheus who was blushing his self now. She leaned over to him. “Hey Morpheus you’re the one blushing now” Delphi said. Morpheus took his hand and placed it on her face pulling her into him more.
“What is wrong with blushing a little bit?” Morpheus said as his and Delphi’s lips just brushed each others.
“Nothing” Delphi said resting her hands on his bare chest.
“Good” Morpheus said pulling Delphi in the rest of the way pressing his lips on to hers kissing her gently. Delphi’s hands slide down Morpheus’s body to his back. She broke the gentle kiss with him and rested her head on this chest and closed her eyes.
“Rest Delphi” Morpheus said placing a kiss on her forehead. He pulled his jacket and wrapped it around both of them and fell asleep.
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Talking Chapter 8

Morpheus woke up first. He looked down at Delphi who was still fast asleep with her head rested on his chest. Morpheus smiled as he watched her sleep so peacefully. Morpheus placed a soft kiss on Delphi’s forehead. Delphi stirred but did not wake up. Instead a big smile appeared across her face. Everything was peaceful. The birds in the tree above Morpheus were singing their morning song.
“HEY MORPHEUS WERE ARE YOU!” Demeter yelled at the top of his lungs. Then Demeter appeared from behind a tree.
“There you are!! I have been looking for you. Have you seen…” Demeter was about to ask Morpheus where Delphi was when he realised that she was fast asleep rested on Morpheus.
“Shhh… She is asleep and needs her rest.” Morpheus whispered. Demeter cocked an eye brow.
“Oh I get it. Morpheus you sly little devil you.” Demeter said winking at Morpheus. Morpheus rolled his eyes.
“No you fool! Nothing happened.” Morpheus spat at him.
“You mean nothing happened yet… right?” Demeter exclaimed grinning.
“Demeter shut up and go away I’m trying to sleep” Delphi said turning over.
“I just wanted to ask you a question” Demeter said.
“Fine ask the question and then leave me alone” Delphi replied.
“When is breakfast?” Delphi opened up her eyes turned over and looked up at Demeter.
“When is breakfast? You always make it in the morning and well… I am getting hungry!” Delphi sat up.
“I’m hungry!” Demeter protested.
“Is that all I am to you Demeter? Your chef?”
“I would not answer that if I were you Demeter” Morpheus piped up.
“But I’m hungry…” Demeter said making a sad face.
“Oh fine I will be right there” Delphi replied. Demeter smiled and then turned around and left. Morpheus started to laugh.
“What is so funny? Because if I were you I would be quiet ” Delphi said turning around to look at Morpheus who was still rested up against a tree with a smile across his face.
“Oh really perhaps you should show me how to be quiet then” Morpheus teased Delphi.
“I guess it is time for you to learn some manners” Delphi said pressing her lips over top of Morpheus’s lips silencing him. Demeter saw the two embrace each other and smiled.
“Nothing happened eh? Demeter said. Morpheus pulled away from Delphi and stood up.
“What do you think you are doing little brother? Don’t you have any respect or manners?”
“No I guess not brother maybe I could have Delphi teach me some” Demeter laughed Running away for he knew that Morpheus was ready to kill him. Demeter ran through the forest away from his brother. Demeter was not looking were he was going. He tripped and fell to the ground.
“Ow!” Demeter yelled. He looked back to see what he had tripped on but there was nothing there. Demeter scratched his head. Then he heard something behind him a giggling noise like someone was laughing at him.
“Who is there?” Demeter asked. The bushes beside Demeter shook a little. Demeter turned and looked at the bushes.
“Ok I know you are in there come out right now” Demeter demanded. The bushes did not move. But something was still giggling at him. Demeter felt someone tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see no one there again. Demeter was really confused.
“Cut it out! And show yourself” he yelled. Demeter heard the giggling come from above him. He looked up. There sitting in a tree laughing at him was a girl nymph. She looked younger then Demeter. But not by much. She had long sandy blonde hair that had two braids that went to the back of her head and were tied together with some flowers. She was wearing a simple violet dress that matched her eyes. She jumped down from the tree. She was shorter then Demeter was. Demeter looked into her magenta eyes. He looked at her. She took his breath away. For the first time in Demeter’s life he was speechless. The girl walked around him examining him all over. Demeter turned to try and follow her circling around him but he got a little dizzy. The girl smiled and giggled.
“Who are you?” Demeter asked the girl.
“My name is Dryads” She said bowing her head. “What is yours?”
“My name…” Demeter said. He was too busy staring at her.
“Yes what is you name?” Dryads said sweetly.
“Uh… My name is… Demeter” He said blushing. Dryads smiled and giggled at the fact that Demeter was blushing.
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Talking Chapter 9

Dryads looked at Demeter.
“Are you ok?” Dryads asked.
“Yeah I am fine. Why is something wrong?” Demeter asked looking around.
“Well the only reason I asked was because your face has gone redder then a tomato”
Dryads said still giggling. Demeter was so embarrassed. But still he could not take his eyes off of her.
Delphi walked with Morpheus to the others. Nusis and Maia were up and about.
“Good morning Delphi. I see Demeter must have found you then.” Nusis said with a
“Yes he found me. And he also informed me that I was to make him breakfast.” Delphi
said shaking her head. She walked over to the riding bag and pulled out some biscuits,
bread and some cheese.
“Ah Delphi you know that you don’t have to make him anything he is a big boy he can
do it himself”
“I know Nusis but...” Delphi stopped when Erebus appeared.
“Good morning everyone! Good morning little angel” Erebus said winking at Delphi.
Delphi blushed slightly. Then noticed that Erebus was walking in with a shirt full of fruit.
“I hope you don’t mind but I found a fruit tree nearby so I picked some so we could have
it with our breakfast. Delphi just looked at Erebus dumb founded.
“I dont mind at all it saves me from having to go find some” Delphi said walking over to Erebus. Erebus handed them to her.
“You got them? is it too heavy for you too carry?” Erebus asked giving Delphi a hand.
“No I am fine” Delphi said dropping one of them. Delphi was about to pick it up.
“No here let me.” Erebus said picking up the fallen fruit.
“Thanks” Delphi said smiling at Erebus. Erebus smiled back. Morpheus noticed this
going on and made a note that he would have to watch Erebus when he was around Delphi he did not trust him. Nusis noticed Morpheus watching Erebus laugh and make jokes to Delphi.
“Brother you can almost see the steam coming out from your ears” Nusis whispered into his older brothers ears. Morpheus turned around.
“What are you talking about?” Morpheus asked.
“Oh dont give me that crap Morpheus I was not born yesterday. Demeter told me all
about you and Delphi.”
“What?” Morpheus said.
“You know very well what I am talking about. I have this advice for you Morpheus don’t be afraid to show your feelings towards her like you did this morning. Don’t keep it bottle up in side of yourself. Let her know how you feel about her every so often. If you do this Erebus will not be a threat. But if you don’t” Nusis said shrugging. Morpheus glared at Nusis. He knew that he was right. But it was difficult for Morpheus to show his feelings. Morpheus himself did not even know how he managed to show his feelings before to Delphi. Morpheus shook his head.
“Are you ok?” Delphi said starring up at Morpheus deep in thought
“Yeah I’m fine. I was just thinking about something.” Morpheus said.
“Ok” Delphi said smiling. “I have finished preparing breakfast so you can come and eat”
Morpheus nodded his head. Delphi turned around and was about to walk away when
Morpheus reached for her hand. Delphi looked up as she felt Morpheus touch her hand.
Morpheus smiled and walked with her holding her hand. Everyone began to eat. Delphi
looked around.
“Where is Demeter?” Delphi asked.
“I thought that he came back?” Morpheus said.
“I saw him run by” Maia said piping up.
“Which way did he...”
“Sh...Do you hear that.” Erebus said cutting Morpheus off. Everyone was silent. In the background they could hear the sound of horses. The noise started to get closer.
“Everyone hide” Erebus commanded. Morpheus was not amused that Erebus had interrupted him and then he had the nerve to start ordering them around. Who did he think
he was? Morpheus thought to himself. Nusis took Maia and climbed up into a tree.
Morpheus climbed into the tree beside it.
“Come on Delphi.” Morpheus said watching her try to climb the tree. Erebus came up
behind her and scooped her up in his arms.
“Allow me to help you” Erebus climbed the tree with Delphi in his arms. He got to a
branch a safe distance away from sight from the ground. He put Delphi down on the
branch . Then he wrapped an arm around her waist. Delphi looked up at him as he did this.
“I dont want you to fall” Erebus said. Delphi nodded her head then looked up at
Morpheus who was a branch higher up. Morpheus watched Erebus put his arm around her waist and then pull her into him. Morpheus glared at him. Delphi smiled up at him. Morpheus noticed her smile and his glared turned into a smile. Soon guards from the army appeared underneath them.
“They have been past this way” one of the guards said.
“They must of set up camp here” The other guard said pointing to the chard wood where
the fire was. The guard got off his horse and touched the wood. “It is warm they should
not be too far off we should keep on going” The guards nodded at each other and they rode
“The army they must have followed us some how” Delphi whispered to Erebus. Erebus
looked down at her.
“They are looking for me” Erebus whispered into her ear. “I should just go back”
“No! you cant you dont want to go back. You told me yourself”
“Yes but I also dont want to cause you and your friends any trouble”
“Oh dont be silly” Delphi replied. Morpheus watched them talking to each other. ‘What are they talking about?’ Morpheus thought to himself. Morpheus was so jealous.
“Ok everyone they should be long gone. Erebus said picking up Delphi and jumping
down from the tree. Everyone came out of hiding.
“I dont like this Morpheus” Delphi said to Morpheus as Erebus put her down. “I am
worried about what they might do if they find Demeter” Morpheus walked over to Delphi
and placed an arm around her shoulder.
“Dont worry we will go look for him and find him” Delphi nodded. But Morpheus could
still tell that she was still worried. “Hey dont worry. Please I hate to see you worried”
Morpheus noticed that Erebus was watching him hold Delphi in his arms. Morpheus
placed his hand on her face. Then he leaned into Delphi and kissed her gently on the lips. 'There that should put him in his place' Morpheus thought to himself.
“Ehmm...” Erebus said. “I think that we should get a move on.” Morpheus pulled away
from Delphi who blushed.
“Right then, Maia which way did you say he went?”
“That way” Maia said pointing in the direction.
“Alright lets go” Morpheus said grabbing on to Delphi’s hand and pulling her along with him. Delphi was still shocked at the fact that Morpheus had kissed her in front of the others. But soon the shock wore off and she walked along beside him.
Demeter was still redder than a tomato. Then he heard the horses. Dryads looked at him.
“What’s wrong?”
“We must hide”
“What? You want to play hide and go seek?”
“No we must hide for real someone is coming”
“Oh” Dryads said kicking a rock on the ground. “I thought you wanted to play”
“Not right now later” Dryads jumped up and down and then hugged Demeter. Demeter
was about to hug her back when she escaped his grip and jumped up into a tree.
“Hey!” Demeter exclaimed. Dryads hung down from the tree.
“Come on!” Demeter climbed up the tree and sat next to Dryads. The guards rode there
horses underneath the tree.
“Not here Sir!” the guard said.
“Ok mark the tree and lets go!”
“Yes Sir!” The guard drew his sword.
“What does he think he is doing?” Dryads asked Demeter. “He is going to cut the tree!!! Not while I am around.” Dryads jumped down from the tree and onto the guards back.
“Dryads!” Demeter yelled. The guard struggled to get Dryads off his back.
“You stupid nymph!” He flung her off and Dryads fell to the ground.
“Dryads no! “ Demeter yelled jumping to the ground to her side. Dryads stood up.
“I am not going to let you cut this tree!” Dryads demanded.
“Oh yeah! What are you going to do? Have your boyfriend here beat me up?” The guard
said with a laugh. Demeter liked the idea of him being called Dryads boyfriend.
“Yeah I am going to have my boyfriend beat you up!” Dryads said sticking out her
tongue. Demeter jumped. ‘She thinks that I am her boyfriend and she is going to have me
beat up that big stronge guard...’
“What?!” Demeter said when he realized that the guard had his sword ready.
“I know you will beat him!” Dryads said stepping backwards. Demeter stood there
watching the guard. Then the guard twitched and charged at Demeter. Demeter dodged
the sword closed his eyes and began to chant. The sky above filled with clouds. Demeter opened his eyes and a lighting bolt came down from the sky. The guard dodged it. And the fight raged on.
Morpheus looked up into the sky and saw the clouds.
“He is near and under attack!” Morpheus yelled. Delphi’s eyes fill with terror. The group began to run in the direction of the clouds.
“Come on we have to move faster” Morpheus said. They could see bolts of lighting
coming from the sky. They made it to the spot where the clouds were and saw Demeter.
They stopped running when they saw a strange yellow light glowing around him and his
eyes were gold. Then he blinked and a bolt came from the sky and hit the guard and he fell to the ground. Demeter blinked again and the yellow light was gone. Dryads ran to
Demeter and wrapped her arms around him. Demeter did not know she was coming and
when she ran into him he fell on his back to the ground. Demeter looked up at Dryads who laid over top of him.
“Oh Demeter your my hero” Demeter smiled and began to blush again. Dryads giggled.
Morpheus and the others ran to Demeter to see if he was alright.
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Talking Chapter 10

Demeter noticed that the others had come up behind Dryads and he tried to sit up but
could not because Dryads was still on top of him.
"Um Dryads could you um..." Demeter said blushing.
"Oh sorry" Dryads said with a little giggle. She moved off of him and stood up. Once
Dryads was off of Demeter he stood up after her.
"Demeter are you ok?" Morpheus asked.
"Yeah I'm fine" Demeter said. Nusis walked up behind Demeter and hit him in the back of
the head.
"What do you think you were doing running off?" Nusis said annoyed with his little
"Dont hit him" Morpheus said.
"Sorry mother" Nusis said to Morpheus sarcasticly.
"What did you call me?" Morpheus asked.
"He called you mother" Demeter said hoping that they had forgot about the fact that he
had run off.
"Demeter you little" Nusis said grabbing his brother. Morpheus did not like this so he
tried to make Nusis let go of Demeter. All three brothers were westling with each other.
Maia rolled her eyes and then noticed Dryads. Maia walked up to Dryads who watched in
horror while the brothers fought.
"Hello my name is Maia, the other girl over here is Delphi the man standing beside her is
Erebus" Maia said bowing.
"Hey I am Dryads" Dryads said. Just then Nusis pinned Morpheus to the ground and
Demeter jumped on his back to get him off of Morpheus. Dryads looked at them
confused. Delphi looked at the brothers who were still fighting.
"You know what? I cant take them out anywhere with out them fighting" Delphi said
putting her hand to her face ebarassed. Erebus laughed.
"It kinda makes me happy that I am an only child." Delphi began to laugh at the last
comment that Erebus had made. Nusis who still had Morpheus pinned leand over.
"Hey Morpheus looks like Erebus there is still interested in Delphi" Nusis whispered in
Morpheus's ear. Morpheus in a rage kicked his brother and freed himself only to roll over
and pin Nusis to the ground. The brothers continued to fight each other.
"Do they always do this?" Dryads asked Maia who nodded her head.
"Sadly yes" Morpheus heard Maia comment.
"Hey Nusis looks like Maia is not to impressed with the way you are acting" Delphi was
tired with the way the brothers where acting.
"OK THAT'S IT STOP FIGHTING THIS INSANT!" Delphi yelled at the top of her
lungs. The brothers stopped and looked up at her.
Nusis and Demeter let go of Morpheus. Morpheus stood up and walked over to Delphi.
"Delphi I..."
"Dont you dare go blaming them Morpheus you are the oldest you should know better"
Delphi said turning around looking away from him.
"No Buts Morpheus" Morpheus lowered his head.
"Sorry" Morpheus mumbled Nusis then started to laugh at the fact that Delphi had gotten
mad at Morpheus.
"Your no better" Maia said looking down at Nusis who was covered with dust.
"Nusis look at yourself you are covered in dust. I am glad one man around here knows
how to act like one" Maia said turning to look at Erebus who was looking around.
"The guards might come back we better keep moving" Erebus said looking down at the
"Erebus is right" Delphi said "lets go" Morpheus did not like the fact that she had agreed
with Erebus. Delphi started to walk away with Dryads and Maia. An unhappy Morpheus,
Demeter and Nusis followed. Erebus did not move. 'Something is wrong' Erebus thought
to himself. 'Where are the other guards?'. Just then a flicker of light caught Erebus
attention. Erebus looked and saw it came from the tip of an arrow head that was pointed
at Delphi.
"DELPHI!" Erebus yelled as he ran to Delphi. The guard shot the arrow and Erebus
jumped in front of it just before it could hit her. The arrow hit his shoulder and Erebus fell
to the ground in pain.
"Erebus!" Delphi yelled turning around and saw what he had done for her. Morpheus
drew his sword and Nusis followed. Four guards jumped out from the bushes and began to
battle with Morpheus and Nusis. Delphi turned Erebus over.
"Erebus are you ok?"
"Yeah I am ok good as any man that has a arrow in his shoulder" Erebus grabbed the
arrow and started to pull it out. Maia watched in horror as blood started to come from the
wound. Delphi looked down at him.
"I have to get him somewhere where I can heal his shoulder" Dryads looked at Delphi
who's hands were coverd in blood.
"I know somewhere!" Dryads said leading the way. Demeter cast a spell to trap the
guards in a magic field so they could not follow. Morpheus and Nusis helped Erebus up
and they all follwed the others. Dryads led everyone into a cave into a dead end. She then
touched the wall and it opened to another forest were there was a village. Everyone
walked throught the opening and it closed behind them.
"Help!" Dryads said runing thought the town get the healer!" Villagers appeared then they
saw Erebus and made way for him. Dryads led them into a large building.
"Take him upstairs!" Dryads comanded. Morpheus and Nusis took him upstaris and
Delphi followed.
"Lay him on the bed and go get me some water and cloths!" Delphi ordered Morpheus
and Nusis who left to do what they were told to do. Delphi took off Erebus’s jacket. She
started to unbutton his shirt but her hands were shaking to much.
"Come on you stupid button undo! " Delphi yelled.
"Hey Delphi settle down we have only known each other for a day dont you think this is
kinda soon?" Erebus laughed.
"Ah to heck with this" Delphi said as she ripped Erebus shirt open. Morpheus walked in
with water and cloths as Delphi ripped Erebus shirt off.
"Oh Morpheus thank you!" Delphi said as she grabbed the water and cloths. Just then the
village healer walked in.
"Here let me see him!" The old man said. Everyone was in the room watching the healer.
"Will he be ok?" Delphi asked.
"Yes he will be fine but everyone must leave" Dryads, Demeter, Maia, Nusis left.
Morpheus pulled on Delphi to get her to come with him.
"Wait..." Erebus said. "Stay with me little angel." Delphi looked up at Morpheus who
gave her a funny look.
"Morpheus I should stay it is my fault that this happened to him" Morpheus looked down
at her and nodded.
"Hey you big guy" The old man said to Morpheus she can stay but you can’t. Morpheus
looked down at Delphi.
"Please Morpheus", Delphi said. Morpheus kissed her hand and then left. He walked out
the door and turned to see Erebus take Delphi's hand and hold it. Morpheus walked down the stairs hurt.
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This is great, new characters, new world, and dragons. I love dragons.
and the part about the jacket, I loved it. *here take the jacket, but I keep his attentions.** or somthing like that, I am going to read that part again. Keep posting and I will be back to read more.

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Sa Agapo!

Psyche agapemou sa a gapo moromo, you know i liked it, i cant wait til we get our Fic done.

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Talking Chapter 11

Morpheus walked downstairs and his brothers looked at him.
“Were is Delphi?” Nusis asked.
“She is back upstairs… with him…” Morpheus said in a low voice.
“Oh Morpheus do not let little things that aren’t there worry you” Demeter said trying to cheer his brother up. Morpheus looked at his little brother but the fear of losing Delphi was still there because Morpheus still had a problem of showing her how he felt. Morpheus looked around.
“Where is Maia?”
“She is with Dryads”
“Dryads who is she?”
“Oh right you two have not really met. She is the nymph that Demeter has a crush on” Demeter looked over at Nusis at the last thing he said.
“I don’t have a crush on her!” Demeter protested.
“What?” Nusis spoke giving Demeter a dirty look. “You told me that she was the most beautiful girl you had ever laid your eyes on and that she would even make a goddess jealous.” Morpheus looked at his little brother who was blushing.
“Is this true Demeter?” Morpheus asked. Demeter said nothing and lowered his head embarrassed.
“Well um… maybe I did say something along that line…” Morpheus smiled at his little brother who was not that little anymore. Just then Dryads and Maia walked in. Nusis looked up at Maia.
“So what is going on?”
“Well I talked with the elder and he has welcomed us stay too stay here as long as we want.”
“That’s great!” Nusis said standing up.
“But wait there is more… Dryads told the elder how Demeter helped her protect the tree and he wishes that we help protect the other trees in the forest”
“What protect trees? But why?”
“I can answer that” Dryads said piping up. “A wood nymph is the spirit or soul of a tree. Like humans we are not immortal. Each of us came to life and will die with our tree. My people are dying because the Pollux’s army is cutting down our trees. Our trees used to be safe but a couple turns ago King Tithonus had ordered that they be cut down!”
“But why are they cutting them down? Your village is not a threat to them” Demeter said in a rage.
“I don’t know…” Dryads said looking away.
“I know someone who might” Morpheus piped up.
“Who?” Demeter demanded to know.
“He is up stairs and I will go and ask him.” Morpheus said making his way back up the stairs.
Delphi held Erebus’s hand. Erebus was in pain and Delphi could see it. The village healer wrapped Erebus’s shoulder in a bandage.
“There that should be fine until tomorrow when you would have to change the bandage miss” Delphi nodded her head and the healer left.
“Erebus I am so sorry I got you involved in all of this”
“Delphi don’t be sorry”
“But I blame myself for all of this”
“Don’t blame yourself. It was I after all who threw myself in front of the arrow” Erebus smiled at Delphi and sat himself up in the bed.
“But it was me that the arrow was pointed at.” Delphi exclaimed. Erebus grabbed Delphi’s hands.
“Delphi I said don’t worry about it. I was the one that could not see my little angel get hurt.” Erebus said placing his hand on her face. Delphi looked into Erebus’s eyes as he spoke.
“Hush my little angel…” Erebus said. Erebus pulled Delphi’s face closer to him. Erebus’s face was inches away from Delphi.
“Erebus what do you think you are doing?” Delphi said.
“I was going to kiss you.” Erebus whispered.
The healer walked by Morpheus.
“Such a cute couple those two are”, he said to Morpheus. Morpheus could not believe what he had said. ‘Couple? Cute?’ Morpheus thought to himself. Morpheus turned the knob of the door and opened it a crack. He heard voices.
“Erebus I don’t think that that is such a good idea. You’re a nice guy and all but…” Everything was silent Morpheus strained his ears to hear what Delphi was going to say next. Little did he know that Erebus and Delphi were sharing a little kiss. Delphi pulled away and Morpheus opened the door. Delphi turned around.
“Morpheus!” She said running into him arms. She did not know if Morpheus had seen anything or heard anything. She was still a little stunned at what Erebus had done and felt guilty. Morpheus held Delphi close and looked at Erebus who watched them embrace each other. Morpheus smiled down at Delphi and then his face when serious as he looked up at Erebus.
“What do you know about the Pollux and the cutting down of the trees?”
“What do you mean?”
“King Tithonus has ordered that the trees in his forest be cut down”
“What?” Delphi said. “Why would he do that?”
“He is looking for something” Erebus said.
“Looking for what?” Morpheus demanded.
“The dragon’s eye” Erebus answered.
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