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Shadow War
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Any good?

Hello, I saw this movie for sale and I was wondering what everyone thought of it? Is it worth getting, it looks cool but you can never be sure.
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If you like political intrigue, with a little bit of violence thrown in, get it........
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Emphasis on the "bit of violence". That is to say, this is not an action movie. There are some awsome action scenes, but watch the movie for them and you will be dissapointed.

Schizm summed it up fairly well, except he forgot the "dark romance" part in there. Silly Schizm. I really liked it, as do most who watch it.
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Sigurd Fatima
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Plently of drama, suspense, and scenes of depression. Not as much action as the trailers have you to believe, but it's all good. If your local video rental store carries it (unlike mine that's clogged with anime from the 80's) it's surely worth it. If you are a big action fan like me I would suggest waiting for a lot of other's opinions on this one before you decide to go and buy in right away. More of less, you should get more than less out of this one.

Peace. V
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I thought it was an awesome film that happened to be in anime form. The other comments about the low number of action scenes are true; but while they are pretty cool, they aren't what hold the movie up. That's the story's job and it does it well.

The ending is one of those hard-to-swallow ones where things don't work out so well, only making the experience better.
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Very good movie, I liked the ending a lot. I didn't miss the action because the story was so solid.
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