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Problem if Second Set of OVAs Made

It maybe just me but I think that there is a problem if they try to make a second set of OVAs of this series. It is a small problem though. In the OVAs Efreet gets destroyed, however, in the comics D.S. still wields Efreet throughout a good part of the series I believe. They would have to deal around the fact that Efreet is not around anymore or somehow insert him back into the plot.
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He only uses efreet once more in the manga in his fight with Ney and then he gets rescued by efreet a bit later in the manga series. I think they can easily change the plot so that efreet is no longer needed. But lets face it there will probably never be a second oav series about bastard.
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Probably, unless for some reason, they decide to continue the story, cause what I know about the Manga is that there's a lot of volumes. The first 5 that was told in the manga and later retold in the OVA was only the beginning. Also, maybe I'm just fanatasizing, but considering what people have done with X and Oh my Goddess(They both were OVAs first then later TV series were made), I wouldn't be surprised if someone decided to give Bastard!! the exact same treatment. Wouldn't you agree?
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