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Ep 15 Song Help!

Hullo everyone!

This has really, REALLY been ticking me off, since I cant seem to find the song name (and the song itself of course ) for a particular scene in Ai Yori Aoshi.

The scene is in episode 15 (named "Feelings"), where Aoi-chan is reminiscing about her grandmother in the cherry blossom garden. There's that really lovely song being played, and no matter how hard I look, there just doesn't seem to be any info on it . I've actually been so desperate to listen to it on its own that I've used video cutting software to get the audio of just that scene.

Does anyone know the name of the song or have any info about it? I've been dying to get an instrumental-only version of it (i.e. without the characters talking in it). Any help would be mucho appreciated!

I shall be in the debt of the one to lead me to this song
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