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ok, you know wat i think, it's either that all the people on this sight are lazy, stupid, or just plain idiotic...
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Originally Posted by John Faulkner View Post
You just said that less banal suggestions would be nice, but gave no indication that you would scrap the idea of making polls if you didn't get any more suggestions. As you said, a poll takes about 5s. So what's your excuse? Why are you deliberately not doing something that would help this place? Eva2k, you reading this?
We have different conceptions of what 'would help this place'. Your arguments to the contrary consist mainly of page long self-congratulatory assertions and remain unconvincing. I mentioned the low effort involved and that the suggestions so far were banal. A bad poll would be worse than no poll, so still we wait.

I have some facts for you:
You're confusing smarm and thumbs up smilies with respect. It's not necessary that you respect me, but the assertion that you ever did I find completely untrue.

That's just a small snapshot of the sort of ---- I've had to put up with. True, it's mere child's play compared to what I've been exposed to online (e.g. passionate arguments with religious nutters and hardcore racists in barely moderated environments) and offline,
...but you talk big about me showing respect...
I don't see how five words can be considered 'talking big.'

Why don't you make a big deal about that?
Wow, maybe that is serious. What was that in response to?

Originally Posted by John Faulkner
Are you stupid or something? How about making a thread in Members Only, rather than posting a reply in an unrelated thread? Juvenile trash that leaves no room for discussion, which is sorely lacking here at
With joke posters like you making crap posts, it's no wonder this place is dead.
Yeah, I think you can deal with that on your own.

Now that I've explained myself, we're done and can move on. Please don't post anything other than poll suggestions/discussion in this thread from here on out, since I don't think we're going to get anywhere otherwise.
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