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Exclamation The Gekkostate's New Crewman (Eureka 7 Fanfic)

Holland calls a meeting of the crew of the Gekkostate. Everyone is present, except for Renton.

Holland: OK, quiet down everyone. I called this meeting to introduce you to our newest crewmember.

Hap: Uh, exactly what is he?

Holland: He’s a gecko. I figured the Gekkostate needed a member who could be a symbol. What better symbol than an actual gecko?

Talho: Humph! Look at him though. He’s smaller than Renton! What can he do?

Moondoggie: Hey there, little guy. What were you doing before you joined our crew?

The Gecko: Good day all. Funny you should ask. I was working for an insurance company.

Matthieu: So what happened?

The Gecko: Uh, well. . . . It’s really not that interesting a story.

Talho: Well, I’m interested.

The Gecko: Oh, it wasn’t much to talk about. Just some rumors of paying off on bogus claims and something about a secret bank account in Liechtenstein. Say, how about a spot of tea? Anyone else ready for a spot of tea?

Renton runs into the room.

Renton: Sorry I’m late. . . . (SQUISH!) Oh, gross. What’s this green slimy thing I stepped on?
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