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John Faulkner
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Idea for an Existential Story Inspired by AnimeBoards

This is some feedback to board management on an inspirational new idea that has just struck me. I was thinking that a story based loosely on the current state of AnimeBoards could be a great 21st C classic in Existential philosophy.

Title: No Log-off

Basic plot: The Admin of a run-down messageboard leads, in turn, 3 people (Pierre, Amelie and er, Zidane) into 3 separate rooms. Much to each person's surprise, the Admin, after leading each person into a room, immediately steps out of the room and locks the door. Each room is tiny, the size of a toilet, and is bare except for a working laptop on the floor, which is connected to the Internet. The only website available is the Admin's run-down messageboard, which has no active members and for which each of the 3 people have new accounts.

Soon, each person realises that they are actually in the afterlife, and furthermore in hell. Each person awaits the tortuous punishment that they have heard were meted out to sinners, such as being roasted alive over a pit of fire. But they soon realise that their punishment is being trapped in toilet-sized rooms for all eternity ... with the only means of communication being through the messageboard to each other.

Hell is other people online.

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Wow John thats just creepy....

Btw can i have some of what your smoking?
Kill the Spiders to save the butterflies..............
But by doing this one does not realize that they become the spider.......

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Oh, for ----- sake George, just let Johhny do what he wants. We all know you're going to sit on your ass for the next decade
Originally Posted by Pengi_Ken-Ohki
Getting hit on AB is like an attack in my own home. Curse you BK, CURSE YOU!
"I am simply living life the way I see fit. Anything can go unpunished if done in the name of God. Convenient, is it not?"
-Bishop Oro
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be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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