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Android 17 and 18's relationship.

I was watching Dragonball GT today and this question came to mind. Can someone please tell me what kind of relationship Android 17 and Android 18 have? Are the Brother and Sister? Are they Lovers? Or are they just great friends? It just that it seems inconsistent. In the Android Saga they were that close that you would almost call them lovers. They did everything together and even down to Android 18 stealing clothes to show off to Android 17. And then the Cell Saga changed things by having Krillin having a crush on her and then automatically becoming brother and sister. And then in GT Android 17 says that they are Great Friends. So what is it?

And on top of that are they Human or Androids?
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I think the fact that their names include "Android" would qualify them as androids.

As far as I know, they were built together and they spent their time rampaging together, this would make for some sort of close friendship I guess. In fact, I think you answered your own question there.
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They were originaly brother and sister then made into "cyborgs" by Dr. Gero. Infact, they are twins. TWINS!!!

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they are all three. they are brother and sister, best friends and LOVERS (just like donny and merrie)
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They are twins, brother and sister, 17 gets pissed at 18 though after the cell game, and goes off into living a hermets life.
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They were humans at first. Brother and sister. Gero is a bastard and made them into super human andriods.
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