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Kai Doh Maru

Borrowed my friends Kai Doh Maru DVD and just finished watching it.


Well from the trailer I saw of it a month or so back, it had rock music to some samurai fights. But after actually seeing it, that trailer was misleading ...

Animation was lovely, I really liked the watercolour style and the colour palette they used for it. Also I really liked the characters, especially the Four Knights. The very few fights were good, they were short but how it was directed with the camera moving and jittering made it fantastic ... and WTF is with that kid? He gets his arm chopped off and he feels no pain ...

Well that's really the only things that I liked about Kai Doh Maru, the story was well okay only 40 minutes long so it was a pretty condensed story with lots of cuts to other scenes which makes it real 'random', if they made the OVA longer so they could have a more indepth story and more action then Kai Doh Maru could of been a real winner.

I have a few questions too.

What the hell is Kai Doh Maru? Raiko calls Kintoki the Kai Doh Maru a few times, is the Kai Doh Maru some sort of cursed thing?

Is it based on real life Japanese history?
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