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I just finished watching the first 5 Logs of Blame! and I am thoroughly confused... And I've even read the manga as well as Noise although they were never all that comprehendable either... Also, the fact that each episode is only a few minutes doesn't help... Although I think I see some continuity and advancement of the storyline which keeps me watching...

So can anyone provide me with a little information on the anime? Even general info as to how many episodes it will be or the productions crew would be helpful...
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Actually I am just getting the Blame! episodes, but haven't watched past the first episode yet. I have a feeling it will be MORE confusing than Texhnolyze. Interesting comparison we can have there. More on that when I have watched more.

But I know a few people who actually like Blame! a lot. Don't ask me why, but they do have tastes that differ from my own.
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