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D.N.Angel End

So for those of us who are still following the D.N.Angel series, the anime has ended (files came out like 2 days ago). How did you find it? I personally thought it was a bit confusing, various little bits here and there in the plot that I didnt get. So filled in the blanks with guessing.

Anyway, it was pretty good ending. Epic enough, kinda heartstring-tugging, and also very satisfying in the romantic sense. The "Hiwatari-like" singing in the various insert songs also suit the atmosphere. Overall, great stuff.

Just curious though. Does the ending differ from the manga?
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I haven't read it, but since the manga is still running I would guess so.

I thought this anime was gonna go longer...
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Originally posted by icie
Just curious though. Does the ending differ from the manga?
The anime stops following the manga during the second episode. Occasionally, it has scenes from the manga, but it's basically a rewrite from the start.

That and yeah, the manga is still running.
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i didn't care too much. maybe i lost too much interest along the way.
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