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Well, I'm almost ashamed to say it was Utena volume 1, which I haven't watched in a very looong time. I'm much more satisfied with my latest buy(which was actualy last summer heh) of the three FLCL dvds, though it cost me la peau des fesses like we say in french. These are such beautiful dvds, and I'm not even talking about when they actualy are in the player!
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Originally Posted by Marius
Ugh, Kai Doh Maru was absolute crap. I almost threw my copy away after watching it
o_O well thats good to hear

*Goes off to postphone watching it even longer*
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My first anime dvd was GITS
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first one i got was kodomo no omocha, got the whole series ep 1-102
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I think I started with the first Macross Plus volume as well. Then went on to EVA and others.
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My first was Rurouni Kenshin: End Song.
I felt so special to have it <3
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I think my first was X.
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my first anime dvd was love hina volume one w/ box,
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I believe my first DVD was Gundam Wing volume 6. it's a funny story really....
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Escaflowne box set. VHS though. That count?
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My first is Samurai X The Motion Picture.
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good one to start off with shinobi

And on the matters of Ken Do Maru....calling crap by any other name just makes it ----....

I put it in the microwave...damn that was cool.
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My first anime was pokmon:the first movie,which i have on video.
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First anime DVD..........Either Evangelion or Kenshin OVA. I don't recall.
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Honestly I can't remember. I'm looking at my collection now, and I seem to recall buying some Gasaraki early on in the piece, but I don't think that was my first DVD purchase.
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