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Nakajima or Honda?

How many people here have seen You're Under Arrest the second season?

Who do you guys prefer for Miyuki? The dashing but clueless motorcycle cop, or the quiet and also clueless mechanic?

Personally I prefer Honda, but what about you guys?

EK 8 )
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Deffinately Nakajima he deserves her after chasing her for so long she should at least cut him some slack
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Honda's personality is bland and boring. Ken Nakajima all the way.
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Honda-san would be a more stabilizing influence for Miyuki. He's older, more mature and more mellow. However, he's not exactly an exciting sort of person. I think even Miyuki would prefer someone more unpredictable.

Nakajima's affection for Miyuki is very steadfast and very admirable. He deserves Miyuki more than anyone else. I believe the feelings between the two of them are reciprocatory, so they should be together for as long as they still care about each other.
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Thumbs up

Definitely Ken, as tough as he acts he turns to jello when it comes time to show his feelings to Myuki. He may have been all thumbs on that date he went on with Myuki, but he enjoyed every second of it, as did Myuki.
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I'll definitely go for Nakajima. Well, he's really sincere with his feelings towards Miyuki, its totally obvious throughout the show. He even gave her a ring which eventually fell in the river, not sure whether he was planning on proposing to her.

Besides I don't really know whether Mr. Honda have a thing for Miyuki and stuff like that.
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