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Originally posted by Ra amiel
the "D" stands for Dunpeel no?

Im pretty sure the D doesn't stand for dracula......
I have to agree, Arucard/Alucard etc. is a pretty dumb tired of so many dracula this and thats. I like Alucard and D the same tho Alucard gets my vote in magical and physical strength, but to a girl.......i think D would get the sex appeal pretty boy looks and the charm.......but that hand would ruin it for him.......damn talking hand
Arucard's a way bigger turn on than boring D.
I don't love Xellos! I don't! It just...looks that way...*^_^*

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In terms of coolness and finesse my vote goes to D but in terms of no holds bar butt kicking Im for Alucard
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I don't know what to say. I pretty sure D is simular to Blade in the way that if he drinks blood more of his Vampiric poweres would manifest. Question is would he consider Alucard enough of a threat to do so.... YES!!! Know Alucards arrogance and longing for a good fight he would let him drink someones blood, maybe even his own. I guess this fight depends on who you like the most. I'd much rather see Blade vs Iscariot!
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