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Originally posted by dheu
No need to insult us.
Sure there is.

Originally posted by dheu
There is no "l" sound in the Japanese language, so they use an "r". Arucard = Alucard.
Aren't you mister smarty pants.
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I thought it was common knowledge by now about the Alucard stuff...
Oh well... I guess you have to start somewhere...
You read Dracula Yet? It will help in your 'Quest' for Knowledge in this area... Like Why the Hellsing department is called Hellsing for instance... And stuff like that...

And Isnsults are all good and proper you.... You.. UNeducated yank!
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Some people have no scene of humour.
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Sigurd Fatima
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Originally posted by Stellerex
Some people have no scene of humour.

In Japan plural usage is also non-existent, so if I catch you refering to your your favorite anime as your, "favorite animes" I'll have to I'm just going to refer to the guy as Arucard because that's what they do in the dub if I'm not mistaken.

Peace. V
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Originally Posted by Alesil
Yeah, manga is kinda freaky. Don't forget the neko-girl vampire!
Schrodinger is a "Verevolf"...and unless I'm thinking of the wrong kid, Schrodinger is a guy(Even though he looks ALOT like a girl(maybe it's the pants...or the hair... or the feminine face... Hirano scares me sometimes))I just noticed this while actually reading, not skimming through, Vol. 4

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When Alucard/Arucard (whatever) offers to mix his blood with Integras.. Does he want her to be just a vampire or break the bond of master..
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