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Just finished Hellsing TV series

Well after watching the new OVA I borrowed the series boxset off my friend, and well finally found the time to watch it all.

Compared the the OVA it paled in comparison, even without comparing the two I still thought the series was pretty average due to the animation and character design quality, I mean it really doesn't look like they put much effort into any minor characters especially the minor vampires ... oh and Incognito, what sort of original undead looks like that? He looked more like a circus freak then some evil spawn of hell. I guess Arucard was pretty cool ditto with Anderson but shame he only makes two apperances. I really thought that him and the Vatican would play a larger role. Also another gripe would be the length, if it was longer I'm sure they could of fleshed it out more, I mean what the true intentions of the traitor was and why they were manufacturing artificial vampires and where they got Incognito from.

I guess in the end if I wanted to be satisfied I'd read the manga.
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I've only watched the first episode of the OVA and I have to say I already think its better than the box set that I have, I mean I enjoyed the boxset, but I haven't even read the manga's yet (Which I will do very soon).

Gonna try and see about getting my hands on the rest of the OVA.
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eien ni stef
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I wasn't very happy with the Hellsing TV series. Firstly, I don't like how pretty much all of the story revolves around Seras as a vampire. Hell, I don't even LIKE Seras.

When I first got my hands on Hellsing, I hoped to see Millenium. Not some weird circus freak thing with no genitals. Honestly, I don't see why people make such a big deal about Hellsing. My friends worship it like it's the last anime on the face on Earth. :/
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The TV series sucks when compared to the manga.., I don't actually hate the TV series but I was very disappointed with it when I first saw it..,
The Ultimate Hellsing OAV on the other hand is far superior IMO.., it follows the plot of the manga series & the opening skit promises the Millenium & vampire nazi's!! I hope they don't take too long in producing this second series..,
And yet more bollocks..,

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