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The Ending -- Does she or doesn't she? (Spoiler)

Do you think that in the end Integra takes up Arucard's offer and drinks his blood?

We see her smile at the offer, and then the series ends.

It could go either way.

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Throughout the series (both anime & manga), Integra has always held the values of the noble & honourable House of Hellsing above all other things. The Hellsing Organisation is there to protect the British royal family & the Protestant way of life from the undead ceatures that stalk the land. To become a vampire herself would dishonour her famiy's name & IMO, she would never stoop to that. In the anime TV series, she even stabs herself in the neck to rid her body of that 'filthy blood' when Boobhanshee bites her.
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But is his blood really dirty i ponder
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Indeed there does seem to be a bond between Arucard and Integra. Throughout most of the series, it seems to be one of the Master (Integra) and her faithful servant (Arucard). But by the end of the series, Arucard is seen as more of a protector, and maybe even a father figure to Integra. He still sees her as that little girl he saved when they first met. (Is Integra the daughter that Arucard never had?) With this in mind it does not seem so inconceivable that Integra would not take his offer to make her stronger.
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