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Lee (BOA)
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Hello again,
Radical eddie, Thanks, Were not doing any gigs right now as were going to start recording the new album soon but I will be sure to let you know when we do. ClefFSChan, Sorry but no as I haven't seen that many anime yet. Project Akria, No we have not been asked to do any films yet but yes would Love to do so if the chance came up. DerekLaza, Thanks, Well my dad played drums and so I picked up his sticks when I was three and lerne't alot of him. And yes I am a STAR WARS fan . Sagara, As if I would tell you if I had. Kawaii No Miko, Defenatley Chocolate. Drizzt, Yes it is a bit weird sometimes and I got both Flaws and qualities, Anyway be back soon laters all.
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Really?! Really?! Wow! Kewl! And aren't you on kinda late? It's 1 AM there.
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Hey Lee,

I have a question, but I don't know if it's been asked before

How do you feel when us anime nerds bombard you with questions?

nb. I said US including me, so don't feel left out you people
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Yes sure you do. You didn't need to agree with me in tha