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Lightbulb Woody Allen's Neon Genesis Evangelion

Misato: Sinji, this is Asuka. She's our new pilot and will be part of your team.

Asuka: I hope you don't mind being second best from now on. I'm the highest ranking Eva pilot of all.

Sinji: Yes, I-I saw your record. Love the job you did bombing London.

Misato: Asuka will also be moving in with us.

Sinji: Really? That's great. We - We'll have Eva Braun as a roommate.

Asuka: Well, you'd better get used to doing things my way from now on.

Sinji: No problem. Though I should tell you. . . . I'm really terrible doing the goosestep.
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Right. Not sure I get what's going on but it sounds funny as hell !

Can you explain?
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