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Bleach [Round Robin] - just for fun; join in!

Just thought I'd very quickly start a round robin before bed. I guess the next person will decide whether the fic will be serious or silly.

Takes place after the Soul Society - Rescue arc. Because that's as far as I've seen.

Take it away!



People in the streets quickly scurried out of the way, as a tall skinny boy with bright orange hair raced by, shortly followed by a bulky man with dark hair and a bright pink tuft on his shoulder. The pink tuft was squealing with glee.

Ichigo dodged around another of the omnipresent and identical street turns and stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He heard a chirping noise above him, and looked up.

And stopped dead.
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He couldn't believe it. Before Ichigo was a 9 foot tall penguin. The penguin had an eyepatch on, carried on its person a katana proportionate to it's size, and wore a large floppy hat.

Kenpachi and Yachiru also stopped in their tracks not quite sure how to react to what they were seeing.

That's when the penguin began squatting.
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Ichigo suddenly woke up. "That was one f---ed up dream," he said to himself. Ichigo layed down and tried to go back to sleep, but by this time he was wide awake. "Maybe I'll go peak in my closet at Rukia," he thought to himself. "She's sleeps in the nude these days, and it is one way to get my jollies."

Ichigo slowly and quietly crept towards the closet. Slowly he opened the door and looked in. IT WAS THE GIANT PENGUIN! "How can a 9 foot tall penguin get into a 7 foot tall closet," Ichigo wondered.
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No one else is joining in, so I thought I'd submit another segment:

Meanwhile, in the Soul Society, the Head Captain called the Captain's meeting to order. "The world of the living is besieged by giant penguins," he informed the meeting. "I need a squad to volunteer to go into the world of the living and destroy these beasts."

"Could this not be the work of Aizen?," Hitsugaya asked.

"Listen to me, schmuck. I'm talking about penguins!," the Head Captain replied.

"Why don't we just send in some giant walruses to solve the problem?," asked Kyouraku.

"Then what will be do with the giant walruses, brianiac?," the Head Captain retorted.

"Giant penguins, huh?," said Kurotshuchi Mauri. "Kind of reminds me of a Monty Python episode."

"Enough talk!" Every one turned around to look at Kenpachi. "I'll take my squad in. We'll do the job."

Outside the meeting room, the lieutenants waited with anticipation. Rangiku and Yachiru stood aside by themselves. “The first time for any woman is a special moment in her life,” Rangiku said. “In my case, I was too drunk to remember anything.”

“Yachiru!” Both turned to see Kenpachi approach. “Get the squad together. We’re going into the world of the living to fight giant penguins.”

“Yeah!,” shouted Yachiru. “Kenny’s gonna kick the s--t out of those motherf----ers!”

“Yachiru!,” Kenpachi shouted angrily. “What did I tell you about your potty mouth?”

Yachiru shook with fear. Kenpachi seldom got mad at her. Nervously she replied, “Y-y-you said that if I d-d-d-didn’t c-c-clean it up, you’d w-w-wash my mouth out with soap.”

Kenpachi grabbed Yachiru by the arm. “Come with me, little lady,” he said. “Before we go on our mission, your mouth is gonna get one good scrubbing.”
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