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Lightbulb Scenes from the 4th Season of Hell Girl

Here is the opening scene from the 4th Hell Girl series – Hell Girl: WTF?

We see a schoolgirl, about 15, sitting at her computer. The clock strikes midnight. She clicks onto Hell Link. She types in a name and clicks on send.

Schoolgirl: (To herself) There. It’s done. What? What does this say? does not respond? OK. Click on refresh. What’s this? Windows is analyzing the problem? And shutting down the connection? Error code 4? What the f--- is error code 4? (Outloud) CURSE YOU WINDOWS 7!

Here is the preview for a future episode. We see scenes from that episode with the following voice overs:

Wanyuudou: What is your name?

Arthur: I am Arthur, King of the Britons!

Wanyuudou: What is your grievance?

Arthur: Some French people laughed at me.

Wanyuudou: What is your wish?

Arthur: To banish them to hell!

Ai: Next episode – Spamalot.
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