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Lightbulb The Cast of Bleach Discuss Same Sex Marraige

Ichigo: Welcome viewers. Today we will be discussing another issue in the public eye Ė same sex marriage. Hoping against hope that this time we get a serious discussion going, this time we will be joined by Zaraki Kenpachi.

Kenpachi: Hey, Ichigo. I get paid for this, right?

Ichigo: Does anyone have any comment on same sex marriage?

Uryu: All I can say is what my father used to say.

Ichigo: Which is?

Uryu: When youíre married, itís always the same sex!

Renji: Yeah! Good one!

Chad: I favor same sex marriage.

Ichigo: Why is that?

Chad: Why should straight people be the only ones to suffer?

Renji: And a point for the big guy!

Kenpachi: How do I get paid here? Do I get a check when weíre through, or is it direct deposit like they do on the show?

Ichigo: Stay on topic here. Doesnít anyone have a comment on gay marriage?

Orihime: Shouldnít all marriages be happy?

Ichigo: No, thatís not what gay means here.

Uryu: He means marriage between homosexuals

Orihime: Homo, what?

Rukia: Orihime, just shut up.

Renji: He means men doing it with men and women with women.

Orihime: Oh. But how could that work?

Chad: Men *bleep* each otherís *bleep*, and *bleep* each other in the *bleep*.

Uryu: And women go down and *bleep* on each other.

Orihime: Oh! You mean like at a party!

Ichigo: Letís not go there.

Rukia: Please letís not go there.

Ichigo: Does anyone have an opinion on gays?

Renji: Well, I donít know about men on men, but women together I can go with under one condition.

Ichigo: Which is?

Renji: I get to watch!

Uryu: Thatís why they invented porn.

Chad: What about Orihimeís parties?

Renji: Yeah, where are these parties?

Rukia: Shut up about the damn parties.

Orihime: Oh, I think Rukia needs a party. Sheís too. . . .

Rukia: Donít say it. Besides, I donít need your parties. I have a very satisfying sex life because I am involved in a completely monogamous and committed relationship.

Orihime: Whatís monogomust?

Rukia: It means one girl and one guy.

Orihime: You mean only one guy likes you?

Rukia: What floor are we on?

Ichigo: The 20th.

Rukia: High enough. Orihime, why donít you step over to the open window later on. I want to show you something.

Orihime: OK.

Ichigo: Well, fortunately thatís all the time we have today. Next time weíll attempt to discuss another issue in the news.

Kenpachi: Seriously Ichigo, I am getting paid for this, arenít I?
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