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Post digital's new project

Heres an idea an associate of mine sent to me. We're thinking of making an independant manga out of it.
Trouble is, I'm not sure if the idea will appeal to alot of people (even though I like it


He is first of all a white American, late 20's, an adventurer, no set occupation, spends his days travelling around as an antique hunting mercenary, no sidekick. Carries a fogwatch. Has a distinctive scar from his days in the first world war. He has friends in the world's leaading museums. Can speak more then one language. Educated at Harvard.

Do some sketches anyhow and send it to me. I'll send you some just to kick start something. For our first STORY IT will be called, "SALADIN'S SCIMITAR"

Legend has it that there was a sword Saladin once possessed, a holy man of Allah once gave it to Saldin in his wars against the crusdaers, he was invincible agains the westerners and reconquered most of Palestine. Towards the end of Saladin's life he treasured the sword and kept it in a room of it's own. When he died he passed the sword to his successor s but they were useless in using the sword and soon were overthrown by the Mamluks. Baibars the Mamluk ruler took the sword from Saladin's successors and used it in his wars, in 1291 he expelled the Crusaders from Palestine and went on to conquer a huge empire. It passed on to the Ottoman Turks, Timurids, Mughals, etc . One day it disappeared when Auragnzeb the Mughal knelt down and drank water form the River, his sword fell into the river and was swept away into the sea. One day in 1921 a poor peasant was fishing, in his nets he found a sword entangled, he took the sword which had been tarnished for 200yrs, he polished it and kept it hidden. A passing Shah had travelled past his village one day to inspect his kingdom and stopped for a rest. The peasnt presented the Shah with the sword, the Shah was pleased and rewarded the peasant for his gift. The shah kept it hidden in his secret one knows where it is except our hero. An Arab collector living in New York has sought our hero and comissioned him to find the sword. Unfortunately for our hero so are other collectors. Here is where the adventure starts ..... Saladin's Scimitar. Of course there is no power in the sword, rulers who have posseesed it depended on it's false charm to give them confidence in battle.
So what do you think?
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I like the idea... kinda reminds me of a Indian Jones type deal....

Im not very up to date on Middle east folk lore but is the ideas of that story actualy based on lore..... or is it completly fiction...??

either way works but I think a story is always more interesting if there is some sort of hystorical backing to it ....... something the reader can identify with rather than completly left in the dark.....
not that many people know much about middle east folk lore either but just knowing that it may be a true story makes it that much more interesting....
well thems my two cents any how.....

all in all it sounds intriguing..... Im a lazy lazy person but I would probably read the manga if it was made..... Id like to hear more of this when/if you get further into the project..... ^_^
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yes, my friend told me it was an indiana jones type deal.
I'm pretty sure it is based on middle east folklore, only here the idea is recycled to form the story.

Oh well, the first ten pages have been scripted and I'll start pencilling them tomorrow.
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\Emiko's face into a rose color. However, this can be a bit reluctant.
Because the villain can only be a pot a day outside a back and a back up just a bottle of wine only. Tried several times now,Once she cropped up this idea.
One day, all this.
\Emiko regret. Hotel owners do not compromise: \Emiko think: ah, if we can really do it the more wonderful.
\Emiko answer.
After Emiko series to several days. How can one get two bottles of wine.
One day, she finally came up with good ideas.
\She snapped a clapped his hands, and quickly open the cupboard, took out a new handkerchief. That is particularly large handkerchief, spread to, there twice before.
(Use this, will double the size of chrysanthemum field, should be able to get twice as much wine.
Such a simple thing,156-215.65 free download, how could not think of it before? )
She shared in the pot next to the large handkerchief, and called villain:
Come out, come out,
Chrysanthemum wine made villain ... ...
As always, the five villains from the pot out. Villain of the necklace her mother had been a long, almost down to the stomach, glittering with light. Moreover, her husband is doing necklace. This is the next time most of the children had.
\Emiko muttered.
Much wider than usual, the handkerchief, he kept a small one seed, to all corners of the straight species.
\Naomi son upon the table. Despite the large handkerchief, and little people's work, however, and previously has not changed.
However, when the handkerchief on the end of the work of all five villains disappear in a pot, the occurrence of trouble in the matter.
Emiko daisy field just blow it away, suddenly, wine spilled from the pot.
\Emiko Huanglihuangzhang to find cloth. This work, still like Quan-Yong Ju, like wine,1D0-450 free download, dory, to spill, spilled on the table just a pot of wine.
Rubbing wet table, Emiko long time to think this is the reason. Moment, she was enlightened nodded.
Liquor overflow, that is, of course, because little people are usually fashioned wine twice.
(Yes, overflow in the wine before it quickly moved to another bottle Come on.)
Emiko point several times first.
The next day, a way to get two bottles of wine, and finally succeeded.
Thus, Emiko began to sell the hotel two bottles a day chrysanthemum wine. Hotel owners are particularly pleased.
\(How many to buy!)
This last sentence, to remain in Emiko's ears, how are inseparable.
The number of all ... ... Yes. Even now,\Postman was surprised, five times, ten times, the hotel will be bought. Emiko mind straight itching.
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The sword turns up in the offices of a San Francisco detective named Sam Spade. He is investigating the shooting death of his partner. Seeking the sword are a femme fatale, a fat man and a smaller gay guy. (Mentioning the Crusades brought this to mind.)

BTW, did you know that the term Palestine is from the Latin for Philistine? It was imposed on the region by the Romans a bit over 1900 years ago. That is today's Historic Trivia Which Really Doesn't Have Anything to do With the Discussion. Watch for more opportunities to throw a conversation off course!

Next week: Next week: Saladin's Sword is found in a middle eastern restaurant where it is being used to mix falafel batter.

Sorry for going off course. It's late at night and I really am not thinking properly.
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