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Exclamation What Ever Happened to Lain Iwakura?

It’s been twelve years since a teenage Lain Iwakura leaped to fame as the star of the ground breaking anime Serial Experiments Lain. The young actress was celebrated for her performance. She made appearances at anime conventions. But in recent years, Lain seems to have disappeared. Well, not totally. We did catch up to her at a suburban private art gallery which she owns and manages.

“At the time I felt it would be hard for me to top what I was doing in the series,” Lain tells us. “I didn’t realize how prophetic that feeling would be.”

Lain was 16 when she starred in Serial Experiments Lain. She remembers, “My character was 13. But they had trouble finding someone that age who could handle the complexities of the role. I was a bit older, but I looked 13. So I got the part.”

Lain had visions of stardom as she worked on the anime. But as with many anime stars before and after, she found that doing a follow-up was a bit difficult. “When the series ended, I was doing personal appearances for a time. After a while, I figured it was time to get a new project.” What Lain got next was a familiar song that so many anime actors have heard. “I went out for a part, and they told me, ‘This isn’t for you. It’s not a sci-fi fantasy.' As if that is the only thing I could do!”

Lain was not demanding a lead role like she had before. “I would have settled for a good supporting role,” she says. She did get a few bit parts, speaking one or two lines, but no one was interested in offering her more. “I thought I was the exception,” Lain remembers. “I figured since I played two distinct personalities in my series, everyone could see I could do a variety of roles.” But eventually, Lain had to realize the truth. Still in her teens, she was an anime has-been.

So Lain decided to get on with a life away from anime. She went to college and got a degree in art history. She got married, then divorced. (No children.) Then Lain returned to school to get an MBA. She now owns LI Galleries, dealing with original works of art. “I like what I do now,” she states. “I meet all sorts of interesting, creative people.”

Does she miss the world of an anime star? “For a while I did,” she answers. “But not anymore.” Physically, Lain has changed a lot over the past twelve years. Few recognize her. Sometimes a customer comes into the gallery and asks if she is “that" Lain. She attended her last anime convention six years ago. Although the series is still watched world-wide, she has not has an invitation since. “I do get the occasional fan letter asking me about some aspect of the show,” she relates. “Usually, it is a question I can’t answer. I haven’t seen an episode myself since college. A friend got a hold of a video or DVD, and a bunch of us watched it.”

Lain says she will never return to the world of anime, no matter how good an offer she may get. “I closed that chapter of my life,” she says.
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