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Wink The Cast of Bleach Discuss the World Economic Crises

Ichigo: Welcome to another one of our roundtable discussions on the burning issues of today. This week we will be discussing the world economic crises. To me, it seems the key to economic recovery is to resolve the unemployment situation. What can we do about the unemployed?

Orihime: We can give them jobs!

Rukia: And from where will these jobs come from?

Orihime: Uh, from their bosses?

Renji: Oh, this is gonna be good! {Chuckles} Gosh, Orihime, how will these bosses get these jobs to give to the unemployed?

Orihime: Uh, by getting work I guess.

Uryu: But what about the poor who only get low paying jobs?

Orihime: We can pay them more money!

Renji: Right! We can pay them all a million dollars, then they can all be millionaires!

Orihime: We can pay them a billion, then they will be. . . . Uh. . . .

Uryu: Billionaires.

Orihime: Right!

Chad: But wonít that cause inflation?

Orihime: Whatís inflation?

Chad: Well, do you remember what your chest looked like when you were 12 years old?

Orihime: Yes.

Chad: And do you remember what it looked like when you turned 13?

Orihime: Uh-huh.

Chad: Well, thatís inflation.

Orihime: Oh! Then inflation would be good for someone like Rukia!

Rukia: Hey!

Ichigo: OK. Thatís enough, guys. Letís get serious here. Leave Orihime alone.

Orihime: Huh?

Ichigo: Letís talk about the stimulus.

Orihime: Oh, I have a stimulus!

Ichigo: What?

Orihime: I have a stimulus! I keep it in the drawer of my night stand next to my bed. It runs on batteries.

{Long silence.}

Uryu: I just got a picture in my mind I wonít be able to get rid of for weeks.

Renji: I just got a picture in my mind I donít want to be able to get rid of for weeks!

Ichigo: Well, thatís all the time we have for today. Join us next time when. . . . Oh, forget it! There wonít be a next time! Iím through with this crap! {Gets up and leaves.}

Orihime: Rukia, you have a stimulus too, right?

Rukia: I refuse to be a part of this conversation.
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Now this is just silly. XD!
This is far better than reading that long-winded article on large machining for my one class. Thanks for the distraction ^_^
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But thanks for the good review. I'm glad somebody enjoyed it!
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