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Post An Interview with Kenzo Tenma

American anime fans are thrilled by the series ďMonster,Ē currently part of the ScyFy lineup. Series star Kenzo Tenma is currently visiting the US, and we caught up with him for a little chat.

Question: So what are you doing in America?

Tenma: Iím on a promotional tour. The DVD has just been released in the US, so I am going to anime conventions, book stores, so on and so on. Iím meeting with fans and talking about the series.

Q: And what are your impressions thus far?

T: Itís pretty much as I expected. I understood that anime fans in the US are not great in number, but they are very, well. . . . I guess the best word would be enthusiastic. Or maybe passionate.

Q: Most anime series, even when they take place in other countries, are filmed on sets in Japan. But Monster was filmed on location in Germany. The advantage was authenticity. Were there any disadvantages?

T: Yes. The time I spent away from my wife. Neither one of us really like any separation for so long. Thatís why she is with me on my American tour. Itís a way of making things up to her.

Q: Any disadvantage with the production?

T: Well, there arenít too many Japanese-speaking German actors. The producers didnít want to redub everything. Some actors learned their lines phonetically and did well. Others got the syntax or accents wrong. Much had to be redubbed anyway. There was also the fact that we had to have at least half of the technical crew German. None of them ever did an anime production before.

Q: Speaking of languages, how was your German?

T: (Laughs) I know enough to order in a restaurant. But I speak English quite well, and you can always find someone who speaks English and can translate.

Q: Did you get along well with the German cast members?

T: Sure. Weíd even go out together sometimes. I keep in touch with a few of them by e-mail. Nina was going to join us on this tour, but she had a family illness and had to cancel out.

Q: Whatís next? Do you have any projects pending?

T: Nothing yet. My agent has the hook in the water and is getting a few nibbles, but no one has bitten yet. Iím going to need some time off after this tour. Then I hope something good will come my way.
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