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Lightbulb What other series would you have liked to have done?

We tracked down several anime stars just to ask them this one question: If you had your choice, what anime series other than your own would you have liked to star in?

Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Guilty)
Iíd like to play a real badass. I think it would have been cool to play Lucy in Elfin Lead, only Iíd ask that the nudity be cut down just a touch. Not completely. Just some of the more detailed shots. I also would like to be Hell Girl.

Yoshimori Sumimura (Kekkaishi)
I was a big Dragonball fanatic. Not just a fan, I was a true fanatic. So I would like to play a character from Dragonball Z. I donít care who Ė except for that old fart Master Roshi. Oh, and not Piccolo. I hate wearing all that makeup. But any of the other male characters would be awesome!

Reíl Meyer (Ergo Proxy)
What other anime? Iím not really that into anime. Iím primarily a stage actress. Ergo Proxy was just a one time thing. But if it was a good story with a bit of romance, a few tears, just a touch of sex, and dealing with real people. . . . I guess I would have like to have done Nana, although I am really not the type for either lead. Maybe a supporting role. Thatís one anime I did enjoy.

Malka Albarn (Soul Eater)
Ooo. I have no idea. Iím out of the business now and have gotten on with other things in my life. I tell you one of my favorite series was Serial Experiments Lain. I think that must have been a hard role to do since it is a split character. I would have like to have tried something like that.

Inuyasha (Inuyasha)
Anything other than my old series. Iím glad we finally put that thing to rest. Iím on my second career now as a writer, and Iím not looking back. So what other series would I like to have work on? I donít even want to go there. Sorry.

Orihime Inoue (Bleach)
I can tell you what character I certainly do not want to play. It would be my own as originally written. She was pretty empty and shallow, and a bit helpless and an airhead. I had to fight to make her a more meaningful character and one which is a challenge to play. But if I had to choose another anime, I liked Reíl Meyerís character in Ergo Proxy. I think I would like to play a darker character for a change.

Noata Nandaba (FLCL)
After FLCL, I pretty much was finished with acting. That damn series nearly killed me. If I were to do another, it would have to be one more evenly tempered and relaxed. I did like Big Windup, because I like baseball. That would have been a fun series to do. So Iíll say Big Windup.
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