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Lightbulb Have you ever suffered an injury on the set?

Action is a big part of the world of anime. So naturally we were wondering about the dangers of some of the stunts. Stunt doubles are used, but occasionally actors are asked to do “simple” stunts themselves. So we asked a few anime stars if they ever suffered an injury on the set.

Saya Otonashi (Blood+)
There’s a lot of prevention to keep us actors from being injured. One thing they did for me was have be go through an exercise program designed to keep me limber. But things don’t always go as planned. I had two injuries early on – one before the show even began filming. I was being taught how to use my sword, and I didn’t think it was important to warm up properly. The first time I took a big swing, my shoulder popped out of its socket. Another time during the first season, I jumped, landed wrong and badly sprained my ankle. We had to rework things to shoot around it. One episode I didn’t even make an appearance, and in the next you only saw me laying in bed.

Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
Yeah, you’d think we’d have injuries all the time with all the action and fighting. But those scenes are carefully choreographed, and we run through them slowly several times. Still, there was this one time we were doing a fight scene, and I got hit on the hand with a fake sword. It busted my pinky. I still toughed it out and finished the scene, though whenever the director called “cut,” I would let out a scream. By the end of the day, my finger was blue. The studio doctor set it and I got to keep it.

Takaya Abe (Big Windup!)
I guess there’s always a danger of injury when you play sports. Even when you just acting. We had a pro fill in at times for Ren Mihashi, whenever we needed a good pitch over the plate. So once he throws a sharp breaking ball what hits the plate, bounces up and hits me right under the cup. It’s a million to one shot. I swear it will never happen again. Anyway, I went down and couldn’t move. Fortunately for the shooting schedule, this was on a late Friday afternoon. So we broke for the weekend. I spent that weekend in bed resting with an ice pack down my pants.

Angelica Burns (Coyote Ragtime Show)
Oh, God! This is embarrassing. I had one injury and it wasn’t even for a stunt. The scene had me enter a room and sit down in a chair. They brought in a chair from another set. I sat down, and the thing broke. The chair was supposed to be used on a comedy show and was made to break. Anyway, I fell on my ass and bruised my tailbone. It was sore for a week. That scene was never used in the series.

Vincent Law (Ergo Proxy)
In the pilot, they had a stuntman dress up as Ergo Proxy. He was a good stuntman, but a lousy actor. So I told the director and producers I wanted to wear that costume and all that makeup, and do the monster myself – the right way. You have no idea how hot that getup is. And under the lights. . . . Well, I didn’t bother to keep myself hydrated, and I passed out. Does that count as an injury? Most injuries are due to someone just being dumb. Not drinking water when you’re sweating up oceans is pretty dumb.
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