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Wow, I really like the english VA for Kagura...

I finally heard it tonight, I was very surprised how good she was. I dare say I almost like her better than the Japanese VA. Something about the attitude is different...she's more calm and cool with the english actor but still maintains that cocky persona. Whereabouts her Japanese VA just seems more...uh, the B-word haha. I think the calm, cool look makes her appear more evil.
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Yeah, Kagura's voice is done quite well. Th voice is quite fitting for her and the VA seems to be very natural in acting this role. Though I still prefer her Japanese voice(this is probably the case for all the voices) probably because I've seen the episodes in Japanese first and am very used to them, but I think the dub is still pretty decent.
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luv the avatar akwan ^^. i agree wit u too. ever since inuyasha has been on hiatus, ive been listenin to the jap voice more so ive grown used to it. but her voice is great. i cant wait to see her in more action in future eps.
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