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Originally posted by Yumiko
try J-indie.

Bathtub shitter is good.
Well, i personaly didn't really like Bathtub shitter, i'm more one for metal with an actual melody(good examples would be black metal band Crade of Filth and power metal band Rhapsody) i didn't know what was grindcore but after listening to some Bathtub shitter i know i don't like it.^^;;

It seems Dir en Grey could slightly fit, from a few songs i heard... example: Mazohyst of Decadence or Erode. *edit* The song "Waza" is definitely metal.

There might be a few songs by Rouage, from the time they were in Nagoya's gothic scene. Here's a good page with a review and track listing of a compilation cd with mostly their older stuff from shows and indies.
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