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Thumbs up Songs of Interest

Everybody has their own gendre of music in the anime world. This thread is to specify your favorite theme song in all of anime. In English, "What's your favorites?"

Hemisphere-Just new and hip. It will be an instant classic. Very nice beat and the music video is really spectacular (off the heezy )

Give a Reason-Anything with Megumi Hayashibara mixed with anime is in my book.

Love is a Boomerang-Urusei Yatsura is from the '80's, but it still has a very catchy theme at the end of movie #2: Beautiful Dreamer.

Konya Wa Hurricane-It's not really a theme song, but the voice actress did a wonderful job with it. It's a shame Kimori did not become a professional singer.

[COLOR=royal blue]Cruel Angel's Thesis[/COLOR]-What do I have to say-Indeed, Masterpiece.

Rinbu Revolution-Insparational, a perfect song.

Ai No Senshi-I have to have something to remember from the early '90's. This is my favorite song of that era.

Infinity-Even though Lost Universe isn't a popular anime, it sure has a great theme song.

What about you?
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*insert clever joke about Gendre typo*

I've been listening to the first Hikaru no Go OP a lot lately. It's cool.
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My personal favorites are mostly rock-related songs from the late 80s onward. I really like the style of anime songs from that period. So without further ado, here's my list.

Blues Drive Monster by the pillows. It shows up in FLCL episode 5, and I think it's the best vocal in the entire series. It's easily a classic and very enjoyable to listen to.

Konya wa Hurricane. It's already been listed, but it's one of the neater songs out there. It's from the first episode of Bubblegum Crisis. That series is chock full of great late-80s style pop rock vocals and this song is definitely a good representative of the overall quality of the rest of the songs in the series. Others that I like are Say Yes! (episode 7) and Route California (an image song, but I can't remember the OST).

Cha-la, Head Cha-la. A high-energy late-80s style rock theme song for the first few seasons of the Dragonball Z series. I still listen to it regularly.

Forces. One of the vocals for the Berserk series. A great song that's a kind of cross between bagpipes and techno in terms of melody, with a fast paced rhythm and heroic sounding vocals. Definitely check this one out.

Through the Years and Far Away (Hello, Tiny Star). This is the main vocal theme for Voices of a Distant Star. I like it because of it's melody, which is a bit reminiscent of Alanis Morriset's What if God Was One of Us?. It's a great song that has only been out for a while due to it's recent Japanese and American releases, but It's a good one.

I could go on, but I just have too many favorites and wouldn't want to bore the marrow out of your bones with a big, long list. But definitely check these songs out, as they are all quite good and worthy to be in anyone's CD or mp3 collection. If anyone wants recommendations as to where to start, I highly suggest getting the 2 OSTs to FLCL, they are both high energy and fun to listen to, with an ecclectic mix of J-Rock and Instrumentals that I can almost guarantee you'll like.
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Through the Years and Far Away (Hello, Tiny Star). This is the main vocal theme for Voices of a Distant Star. I like it because of it's melody, which is a bit reminiscent of Alanis Morriset's What if God Was One of Us?.
Actually, that was Joan Osbourne.
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Nearly anything by MEGUMI HAYASHIBARA, my queen.
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i love the hellsing ost's and the boogie pop and lain ost's
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Through the Night - Outlaw Star (Nice rock song)
Salva Nos - Noir (Not really a theme song but they play it so much it might as well be.
Heart of the Sword - Rurouni Kenshin (This song is really addicting)

I tend to like a random bunch of songs. These were just a couple I felt like typing.
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I like to listen anime songs of Fushigi yugi and Fruits basket. The one I like the best for Fushigi yugi is, "Yo_Ga_Akeru_Mae_Ni"(Before the Day Breaks) and the one I like on Fruits basket is, "For Fruits Basket"(Japanese version).

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Obsession from .HACK sign, anything from Angelic Layer, Hellsings good to and Steel Angel Kurumi
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