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Music Associations

Okay, stupid title, but I couldn't think of what to call this thread.

My question is about how you associate music with other things. For instance, the song "Call Me Call Me," while it doesn't necessarily sound sad just through the music alone, became completely associated with that feeling for me simply because of how it was used in the Cowboy Bebop.

Another example, the song "Wood & Wire" by Thrice makes me incredibly depressed to hear simply because I've come to associate it with the manga Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan, because the lyrics match up perfectly and I happened to be listening to the song at the time I was finishing the manga. Yet the song, if I struggle to listen to it objectively, sounds calming with just a touch of melancholy, but not necessarily so utterly depressing as it now is to me.

Or I guess a simpler explanation is like the stereotypical "first song" in a new relationship. Because of the relationship, the song ends up meaning more to you than it does if you just heard it on the radio one day.

Associations like these tend to give much more meaning to a piece of music than the music might have on its own.

So... are there songs that you associate with anime, manga, or even events in your life, resulting in the music having a lot more power or importance than otherwise?
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