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For: All Other Aussie Anime Cons Bar Manifest

OK, this is how I see it.

Granted, Manifest is the longest running Australian anime convention.

Good for them.

But, is it really fair for Animeboards, a large forum for 'Australian' anime fans and officionadoes to be biased by the standard that the other Australian anime cons aren't good enough?

Animania and AVCon have both had their third years this year. AnimeAU and WaiCon are also coming out of the woodworks.

I'd just like someone to seriously consider the PR nightmare this could cause.

Or not, what do I know?
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so you want individual forums for each convention ???
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I say get rid of the Manifest forum and change it to the "Australian Conventions" Forum. Back in 2001 and 2002 there was enough traffic for them with a good 20 or so members attending. Now there would be a third of that. And back then Manifest was pretty much the only Aussie Convention. So I would like to see a convention for everything Aussie.
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