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Last exile

I propose that we have a forum based on the recent, but excellent, series Last Exile!

Who's with me?
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I agree.

Hopefully with the domestic release comming next week there will be a good number of people who want to discuss the show.

I know I have some thoughts and questions on the ending.
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Thoughts and questions like what? Actually, you should post that here so we don't derail this thread.

Oh, to be on topic, an LE forum would be nice. Well, not really in particular for me but as Kerensky noted, the DVD release is, well, today and I'm sure there would be several people interested in this series. At least, there should be. This series ruled. I'm actually anticipating watching it again. wo0t!
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Even though it'll be awhile until the entire series is fully released, I think it will be deserving of a forum.
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The series is out now and it really needs a forum
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