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Exclamation For those who bought the DVDs before the box set came out...

Hey there-

I got all four Lain DVDs a couple about a half-year ago, maybe a little longer, and now they come out with a box set. Grr...
Anyway, I've been trying to talk to Pioneer about getting the box without buying the box set and they haven't even responded to me, so I was going to start a petition to get their attention on the matter. Im wondering if anyone would sign it though, so I thought I'd ask here. If anyone would sign it, please respond and and let me know. If I get say, 10 or more I'll start the petition!


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Why don't you just get one of those nice 4-cd holders from a computer game? Or get a 10-cd carrier? Or get a big cd-carrier and put all of your dvd's in it? Or get another box from somewhere? Or get some cardboard, print out some screen captures from Lain, and make your own box? It seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through just to make it look pretty on your shelf....
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